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  • Cocaine Anonymous & 12-Step Recovery

    Cocaine Anonymous & 12-Step Recovery

    Cocaine Anonymous World Services, Inc., also known as Cocaine Anonymous (CA) or CAWS, is a recovery program meant to help people struggling with cocaine addiction. It was formed in 1982, and has offices and locations all over the world.

    Cocaine Anonymous uses support groups, hotlines, and simple recovery programs to help people struggling with drug addiction, especially cocaine. With COVID-19 stopping people from gathering, Cocaine Anonymous also offers online meetings so people can meet and talk.

    Understanding The Twelve-Step Recovery Program

    Cocaine Anonymous’ twelve-step recovery program is a guideline for beating cocaine addiction. It was inspired by an outline used by Alcoholics Anonymous, another well-known support group for beating alcohol addiction.

    The twelve-step recovery program works by acknowledging the addiction, and then trying to repair damage the addiction has caused. While the group accepts people from all different backgrounds and walks of life, the twelve steps stress putting trust in God.  

    The twelve steps state that relying on God, as well as friends and family for support, is an important part of recovery. The emphasis on God may differ from location to location, and from group to group.

    Twelve Traditions

    The twelve traditions outline how Cocaine Anonymous should carry itself as an organization. Even as a large, worldwide organization, the traditions help keep the focus on addiction support and recovery. 

    Tradition six stresses how CAWS should not accept help from outside organizations. Tradition ten says that CAWS will not take stances on matters outside of drug addiction. 

    These rules help the organization maintain a clean reputation and be open to members who have much different needs.

    Together, the twelve steps and twelve traditions tell members how to help themselves, and how to help the organization stay stable as a whole.

    How Cocaine Anonymous Works

    People who join Cocaine Anonymous (CA) may come from all walks of life. CA allows people struggling with cocaine dependence or addiction to talk to people with similar experiences, naturally forming support groups. 

    Support groups let people help others while also helping themselves. CAWS is open to people who have been addicted to cocaine, who have tried to quit, and for anyone whose lives have been affected by cocaine.

    Cocaine Anonymous has many sites and locations all over the world, including the United States. For people who cannot meet in person due to COVID-19, they also host online meetings held over the conference app Zoom.

    Helplines & Hotlines

    Cocaine Anonymous has helplines to call for people who need help immediately. There are different helplines depending on the location or office, and many are available to call 24/7.

    Funding & Other Affiliations

    CAWS gets its funding through its own contributions. Member donations fund rent, events, books written for addiction help, and other costs.

    CAWS is not aligned with any outside organizations, including political, financial, or religious groups. It does not receive any outside funding, and its main focus is on offering support for addiction.

    Can Cocaine Anonymous Help Me?

    Cocaine Anonymous is open to anyone who has struggled with cocaine use, dependence, and abuse. It attempts to accommodate people with many different needs. By hosting online meeting IDs, help can be found without having to leave your home.

    Cocaine Anonymous is also free to join, with no mandatory payments or donations. Support groups like Cocaine Anonymous may be helpful to treat cocaine addiction.

    If you or a loved one require additional treatment services for cocaine addiction, please contact us today.

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