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  • The complications of drug abuse in Maine, such as overdose deaths, have been decreasing. Nonetheless, there are still many people living in the state who need addiction treatment services. 

    If you or your loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, understanding your treatment options across the New England region is a crucial step toward a lasting recovery and a better future.

    How To Find & Choose Addiction Treatment In Maine

    The Substance Abuse branch of the Office of Behavioral Health is responsible for planning, implementing, regulating, and evaluating substance abuse treatment services in the state. 

    These organizations exist within the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, which has offices in Portland, Bangor, Augusta, and many other cities in the state. 

    If you’re looking for an addiction treatment program in Maine, several resources are available to help you find the right option, including:

    • talking to your primary care provider or another healthcare professional about treatment options
    • using the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Locator
    • calling the Maine Office of Behavioral Health Crisis Number at 1-888-568-1112 
    • contacting your insurance company to find out which treatment centers are covered by your plan. 

    To choose an effective recovery program, consider the following factors:

    • Licensure—The Maine Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors grants licensure to qualifying care providers. Choose a treatment program that staffs professionals who hold valid licenses with the state of Maine. 
    • Continuum of care—Many people undergoing addiction treatment will need to progress through several levels of care before completion. Choose a facility that offers multiple levels of care if possible. 
    • Family involvement—Some treatment facilities allow family members or loved ones to participate in the treatment process, which can be beneficial to both you and your family. 
    • Individualized treatment—The best drug and alcohol rehab centers customize their treatment plans to meet patient needs. 
    • Co-occurring mental health disorders—If you have other mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, attend a rehab facility that offers dual diagnosis care. 

    Other factors to consider include your addiction treatment history, personal goals, and financial resources. 

    Choose a city below to find a rehab center near you:

    Maine Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    The state of Maine is home to treatment facilities that offer all levels of care for Maine residents with substance use disorder. 

    Treatment facilities in this state offer: 

    • medical detox
    • residential treatment
    • outpatient programs
    • intensive outpatient treatment
    • medication-assisted treatment
    • aftercare services

    Not all patients will need the same level of care when entering substance abuse treatment services. In most cases, your initial level of care will be determined based on the results of a thorough assessment of your needs. 

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    One of the first steps in addiction treatment is going through drug or alcohol detox. During this time, you may experience withdrawal symptoms that affect your physical and mental stability. 

    Medical drug and alcohol detox programs are short-term programs that help you through the withdrawal process. They may include support from nurses and doctors, medications to help with symptoms, and other treatment services to keep you comfortable. 

    Inpatient/Residential Treatment

    Inpatient or residential drug rehab programs require you to live in the treatment facility while you receive services. 

    The level of structure provided will depend on the program. While some drug rehab centers are highly-structured and designed to provide continuous support, others are less structured and more appropriate for people transitioning back to life outside of treatment. 

    Inpatient or residential programs may offer a range of services, including medical care for various health issues, group counseling, behavioral therapy, recreation, and more. 

    Outpatient Addiction Treatment

    Outpatient addiction treatment in Maine offers more freedom than a residential program, allowing you to return to your home when you aren’t in therapy.

    If you enroll in outpatient treatment, you’ll visit your treatment facility on a set schedule, typically multiple times each week. The number of weekly sessions required will depend on the intensity of the program and your individual needs. 

    Medication-Assisted Treatment

    If you have opioid or alcohol addiction, you may benefit from medication-assisted treatment. Medication-assisted treatment includes a prescription for a medication that will reduce your drug cravings and make it easier for you to focus on recovery.

    Medication-assisted treatment programs include other services as well, such as group counseling or behavioral therapy. 

    Aftercare Support

    Following your discharge from a treatment program, it’s important to remain connected to the addiction recovery community so you can protect your sobriety. 

    Examples of aftercare services include peer recovery coaching, support group meetings, relapse prevention, and practical services such as transportation or medical advice. 

    Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Maine

    Addiction treatment providers in Maine accept payment from private insurance companies. Payments from public insurance, such as Medicaid, may also be accepted. 

    If you’re planning to use insurance to pay for your addiction treatment or mental health services, follow these tips:

    • Learn about your coverage—You can learn the specifics of your insurance coverage by reading any documents provided by your insurance company. 
    • Contact a treatment facility—If you’re interested in a specific treatment facility, call the facility to find out if your insurance policy will apply. 
    • Contact your human resources department—If you have employer-sponsored health insurance, call your HR department to learn more about your addiction treatment options. 

    If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

    Even if you don’t have insurance, you may still be able to receive addiction treatment in Maine. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services provides state funding to specific programs in the state that accept patients who can’t afford to pay for treatment. 

    Maine Drug And Alcohol Addiction Facts

    Thousands of people in the state of Maine battle substance use disorders every year. While some Maine residents receive the treatment they need, others do not.

    When left untreated, alcohol and drug addiction in Maine can lead to overdose, death, and other health issues:

    • In 2020, 504 drug overdose deaths were reported in Maine, a 33% increase from 2019.
    • Over 80% of drug-related deaths in 2020 involved opioids.
    • In 2020, 81% of deaths included two or more drugs.
    • Illicit fentanyl or heroin played a role in 69% of the recorded deaths in 2020 (346).
    • Methamphetamine was involved in 20% of all drug related deaths in 2020 (99).
    • Cocaine was involved in 23% of all drug related deaths in 2020 (118)
    • In 2019, there were 380 drug-related overdose deaths in Maine.
    • The overdose death rate in Maine during 2019 was 29.9 per 100,000 people. This represented a slight increase from the previous year.

    Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

    Maine residents can access the quality addiction treatment services they need at one of Ark Behavioral Health‘s four locations in Massachusetts. 

    We provide comprehensive substance use disorder treatment with multiple levels of care available, including intensive outpatient programs, detox, residential treatment, care for mental health issues, and more. 

    Our trained admission specialists assess every patient to determine which level of care is best. To learn more, please contact us today.

    Maine Addiction Treatment FAQ

    How Do I Access A Drug Rehab Center In Maine?

    You can access substance use disorder treatment in Maine by requesting an assessment from your primary doctor or contacting a treatment center directly. 

    Before enrolling in care, be sure to verify your health insurance coverage and ask about any requirements that must be met, such as a referral and/or preauthorization. 

    You can also access treatment in an urgent situation by calling the Maine Office of Behavioral Health Crisis Number at 1-888-568-1112. 

    What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like In Maine?

    Addiction treatment in Maine is tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Depending on your circumstances and needs, treatment may involve spending several weeks or even months in a residential treatment facility, or it may involve several visits each week to outpatient rehab. 

    Some patients may need medical detox services, while others may be stable enough to begin treatment immediately. 

    Does Health Insurance Cover Drug Rehab In Maine?

    Many private insurance policies cover at least some of the cost of addiction treatment in Maine. To find out exactly what your insurance policy will cover, contact your provider by calling the number on the back of the card. 

    The cost of addiction treatment may also be covered by Medicaid or Medicare. Regardless of your insurance coverage, always check with the treatment facility for specific information about costs. 

    Can I Receive Drug Treatment In Maine Without Insurance?

    It may be possible to enroll in addiction treatment in Maine even if you don’t have insurance. Some people who don’t have private health insurance may qualify for Medicaid. 

    If you don’t qualify for Medicaid, you may still be able to attend an addiction treatment program with funding from the state. 

    Are There Walk-In Opioid Clinics In Maine?

    Urgent or emergency care for people struggling with opioid use disorder may be available from different treatment centers in Maine. 

    If you’re experiencing an emergency related to opioid use, call the Maine Office of Behavioral Health Crisis Number or a treatment provider in the New England area. 

    Are There Free Or State-Funded Rehab Centers In Maine?

    Free and state-funded treatment may be available in Maine if you meet certain requirements. The goal of these facilities is to make sure that people with limited resources can still get the care they need. Contact the Maine Office of Behavioral Health for more information. 

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