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Women For Sobriety (WFS)

Published on May 12, 2021
Women For Sobriety (WFS) | Values & Benefits Of WFS Meetings

Women For Sobriety (WFS) is a non-profit organization and self-help program. This organization helps support women living with substance use disorder.

The mission of WFS is to support women who seek a sober life in recovery from substance abuse. Women For Sobriety, Inc. also conducts outreach and education regarding addiction. Peer-support forums and online chat rooms are also available from WFS.

Values Represented At Women For Sobriety (WFS)

WFS promotes the following values:

  • respect (honoring every woman’s ideas and experiences)
  • connection (creating safe spaces where women can tell their stories and share their thoughts)
  • compassion (promoting self-care and empathy)
  • love (committing to authentic relationships defined by mutual respect)
  • empowerment (encouraging each woman to be their unique self)

Benefits Of Women For Sobriety (WFS)

WFS members can participate in various treatment programs, online communities, and wellness groups. They offer many recovery support tools for women, including: 

  • improving self-esteem
  • understanding the negative thoughts that may occur
  • focusing on positive thinking

The New Life Program 

Those looking to get involved with WFS might consider joining their self-help program, the New Life Program. This program is based on the thirteen Acceptance Statements of New Life and encourages emotional and spiritual growth. 

This program was originally founded by Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick. It was meant to complement 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Jean Kirkpatrick was a sociologist who created the WFS New Life Program in 1975.

The New Life Program can be used as a stand-alone program or in combination with other recovery programs like AA or inpatient rehab.

Community Discussion

You’ll discover WFS provides a safe community for you to discuss your alcohol or drug addiction. Support groups are beneficial, including an online chat. 

Other forms of Women For Sobriety meetings include:

  • in-person meetings
  • phone support
  • social media groups
  • online forums with message boards
  • Annual Weekend Conferences

Whether you prefer a face-to-face setting or a support group online, WFS gives you plenty of avenues to discuss your experiences with alcohol or drug abuse. Use the meeting finder on their website to find meetings in your area.

You’ll find a community through online chats, message boards, and forums where you can learn about one another. There are certified moderators who monitor the message boards and social media to help make everyone feel supported and connected.

Support WFS

If you or a loved one struggle with alcohol or drug use, visit to learn more about all the organization has to offer. You can get help for alcohol abuse, focus on your mental health, and feel like a new woman.

Whether you’ve personally been affected by addiction or know someone who has, you can still support WFS online. You can simply donate to the organization or even shop for resources straight from the website. 

To learn more about other treatment options for addiction recovery, please contact us today.

Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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