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Texas Rehab Center | Detox | Inpatient Rehab | FAQ

Updated on April 30, 2021
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The state of Texas offers many substance abuse treatment options, both public and private, to help people and their families get their lives back from alcohol or drug addiction.

Treatment options in this state include detox support, residential/inpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and more. 

How To Find & Choose Addiction Treatment In Texas

The Texas Health & Human Services Department oversees addiction treatment in the Lone Star State. If you’re in Texas and searching for addiction treatment, there are several ways to find services, including:

When you’re beginning the search for treatment, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the options available. Keep an eye out for these factors to help you find a rehab facility that’s best for you: 

  • individualized treatment plans: you need a treatment plan that can address the unique factors that led you to addiction, allowing you to attack your triggers in a way that contributes to long-term recovery
  • accreditation: when you choose an accredited treatment facility, you know treatment has been approved by an organization that oversees quality of care
  • continuum of care: some drug and alcohol rehab facilities keep you with the same treatment providers throughout your care, allowing you to develop trusting relationships
  • family involvement: if your family is a part of your support team, you may want to work with a treatment facility that includes family support as a part of your care plan
  • evidence-based services: these treatment methods are backed by science and proven to be effective for substance use disorder

Texas Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

Your doctor may talk with you about the level of care that makes the most sense for your needs. Many people who need treatment for addiction start with detox before moving onto an inpatient or outpatient program.

Medical Drug & Alcohol Detoxification

Many people fear the detoxification process. Detox can be dangerous, especially when done alone. When you go through detox with a medical treatment team, professionals will work around the clock to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. 

Once you complete detox, you’ll be fully ready to enter rehab with a clear mind and body, allowing you to make the most of the new techniques you learn for stress management and trigger avoidance. 

Learn more about Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

During inpatient rehab, you’ll live at the facility and have access to 24-hour care. For many people struggling with substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues (dual diagnosis, checking in to residential treatment is likely the best choice. 

Residential treatment offers the chance to bond with others who are at a similar place in their recovery, helping you to realize that you aren’t alone as you fight for your sobriety. 

Learn more about Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Not everyone can take time away from work and home life to attend inpatient treatment. Thankfully, outpatient addiction treatment can be a viable option. During outpatient treatment, you’ll travel to and from the recovery center each day. 

Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment programs allow you to receive a similar amount of care to inpatient treatment, but without having to live at the facility. 

Learn more about Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

Medication-assisted treatment combines behavioral therapy with medication(s) like buprenorphine, Suboxone, methadone, and/or naltrexone. MAT can help to combat the changes in the body and mind caused by substance use, as well as improve treatment outcomes. 

Learn more about Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Aftercare Support

As you go through the rehab process, your care team will work with you to develop an aftercare plan. You must work on your aftercare plan to stay strong in your recovery. 

Aftercare may consist of living at a sober-living facility, attending 12-step meetings, working through stress management techniques, and more. 

Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Texas

If you have health insurance, your plan may cover part of all of your addiction treatment. To learn more about what your plan covers, it’s a good idea to call the number on your insurance card to speak with a representative. This includes Medicare/Medicaid plans.

You can also reach out to a treatment provider directly to find out if they accept your insurance. Knowing your coverage is an important part of managing the cost of your treatment. 

Learn more about your health insurance coverage.

If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

Texas offers many options for people who struggle with addiction but do not have health insurance. State-funded detox and rehab options are a great place to start if you’re not sure how you’ll pay for addiction treatment. 

Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

We know how hard it can be to get the help that you need for addiction, and at Ark Behavioral Health, we’re on your side. At our drug and alcohol rehab centers in Massachusetts, we’re proud to work with people from around the country, including Texas. 

Our treatment facility locations include: 

Texas Addiction Treatment FAQ

How Do I Access Treatment In Texas? 

You can reach out to a treatment facility directly, call your insurance provider to learn about in-network options, or reach out to your local OSAR service provider to learn more about treatment facilities. 

What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like In Texas? 

While addiction treatment is different from person to person, many people who need help with substance use disorder start with detox, then progress to inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment In Texas? 

Your health insurance may cover part or all of your treatment costs. Reach out to your insurance agency directly for more information.

Can I Go To Drug Rehab In Texas Without Insurance? 

Yes, you can. You can pay out-of-pocket, or you can choose a state-funded facility to get the coverage that you need at reduced or no cost. 

Are There Free Or State-Funded Rehab Centers In Texas? 

Yes. The state of Texas offers many free and reduced-cost options for addiction treatment to residents who do not have health insurance or do not have coverage for addiction treatment services. Reach out to your local OSAR provider.

Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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