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Addiction & Recovery Blog

woman sitting on a chair at home during coranavirus pandemic thinking

Why The Coronavirus Pandemic May Worsen Mental Health Issues

With the end far in sight, Americans are beginning to recognize both the potential and yet ever-present mental health implications of COVID-19.  What began as a mere two-week hiatus from work has now spanned into an all-consuming marathon that threatens …

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I man arrested for drug possession

Oregon Decriminalizes All Drugs | What It Means For Drug Arrests & Addiction Treatment

On November 3, 2020, the state of Oregon became the first to decriminalize all drugs in a controversial measure passed by voters.  The goal of this change is to reduce the number of arrests associated with drug use, improve access …

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woman raising her hands to the sky

5 Ways Spirituality Helps Addiction Recovery

According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 72 percent of Americans believe in a higher power. Numbers like these can be surprising, especially when it comes to recovery. Seldom do we hear “addiction recovery” and “spirituality” in the same sentence.  …

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women participating in a 12 step support group

Do 12-Step Programs Work? | The Research & Evidence

Originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) over 70 years ago, the 12-step program is still considered a gold standard for helping people overcome substance use disorders. But, do they actually work for treating addiction? Fundamental principles of the 12-step program …

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various colorful pills and alcohol whiskey on a table

How Polysubstance Use Complicates The Opioid Epidemic

The ongoing opioid epidemic has kept the focus mainly on the misuse of opioids/opiates, such as heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain medications. Changes in treatment approaches have led to some success with reducing opioid overdose deaths in recent years.  However, …

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man looking out of a window with a mask on during COVID-19

COVID-19 Health Risks | Substance Abuse, Overdose, & Suicide

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a number of risks since its spread in early 2020. Even those not directly affected by the virus may experience health risks associated with lockdowns, social distancing, and other protective measures designed to keep people …

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