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Addiction Treatment

Ark Behavioral Health operates four addiction treatment facilities that use a whole-patient approach for your individual needs. Getting started is easy. Your recovery begins here.

Who We Are

Ark Behavioral Health is accredited by The Joint Commission for addiction treatment services. Our mental and behavioral healthcare experts provide and design treatment plans with an individualized approach for your specific needs.

We use multiple treatment models to ensure your individual needs are met with an equal-level of compassion and clinical effectiveness.

Although our mission is to treat the health of New England residents, patients from all over the United States travel to our facilities due to our exceptional clinical care.

How We Can Help

How it works

Your road to recovery starts with three simple steps to personalize your care.


Contact Us

Contacting us is 100% confidential. Our trained treatment specialists listen to you and discuss how we can help.


Treatment Plan

We work to understand your needs, develop an individualized plan, and schedule your treatment.


Begin Treatment

Start your recovery at the facility that’s best for you.

insurance & Payment

Our treatment centers are in-network with major insurance providers across Massachusetts and the United States. Regardless of your insurance coverage, we’re committed to finding you treatment that aligns with your financial situation and overall health goals.

To learn more about your coverage, contact us today.

What we Offer

All Levels Of Evidence-Based Care

Experts agree there is no single method of treatment that works for everyone. This is why each of our treatment facilities offer varying levels of care that all include:

  • individualized treatment plans
  • evidence-based services
  • case management
  • aftercare planning

The appropriate level of treatment you attend depends on an initial assessment of your needs. Based on your assessment, you’ll have access to evidence-based services that include:

  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • medication-assisted treatment
  • 12-step facilitation therapy
  • family counseling

Once we understand your needs, our licensed clinical team will recommend a treatment program we think will work best for you.

Treatment Programs

All of our treatment programs, regardless of the level or intensity of care, follow a full continuum of care that includes behavioral therapy and counseling, as well as case management and follow-up support for relapse prevention.

In each treatment program and setting, a team of multidisciplinary professionals address your addiction and overall mental/behavioral health needs within your individualized treatment plan.

The agony and discomfort of withdrawal deters many people from seeking treatment. A medical detox program provides comfort, supervision, and support to help you better manage withdrawal symptoms and prepare for inpatient or outpatient treatment.


Every patient with a physical dependence on alcohol or drugs may need detox support. During the program, your symptoms will be monitored 24/7. Other services may include:


  • nutritional support
  • IV fluids
  • intensive medical care
  • medication to alleviate symptoms


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Residential or inpatient treatment involves living in a treatment environment with 24-hour care and support. A full daily schedule of treatment activities align with your individualized treatment plan, which can include a combination of:


  • one-on-one behavioral therapy and counseling
  • expressive therapies like art or music
  • psychiatric care for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • mindfulness practices like yoga or meditation
  • fitness and exercise
  • recreational activities
  • multiple group therapies
  • case management and clinical support


With a community of peers and staff working together in a restorative social environment, you can forge a path into a healthy and productive life.


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Day treatment programs, which are also called partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), involve outpatient treatment five to six days each week for about six hours a session. This means you receive in-depth treatment during the day and return home at night.

A PHP is the most comprehensive form of outpatient care available, and includes psychiatric support and supervised clinical care from licensed professionals.


Our program also helps you build a lasting community of friends, skills for recovery, 12-step support, and ongoing care with case management.


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Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are a flexible yet effective treatment option. You meet for group or individual therapy for at least nine hours each week, which breaks down to attending three to five weekly treatment sessions for the course of the program.


An IOP works best as a step-down option following inpatient treatment or a PHP. It allows you to practice what you’ve learned in therapy in real-life scenarios, and includes a team of counselors, support staff, and case managers.


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Outpatient programs involve weekly therapy sessions, education, and support groups like AA or NA. This is the least intensive treatment option available, and is recommended for mild addiction or if you have a strong support at home.


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