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  • Aetna is an insurance provider with a nearly 200-year history that has created many plans over the years to help individuals with drug addiction. This health insurance company may help pay for many types of treatments in rehab facilities located in various coverage areas.

    How To Determine Aetna Benefits For Substance Abuse Treatment

    Reach out to your insurance agent to learn more about Aetna’s coverage options for drug treatment or additional mental health services. 

    You can find contact information on your plan card’s backside, which may also discuss your care possibilities. Some treatment centers can also check and verify your insurance coverage to determine whether or not you are covered.

    Does Aetna Cover Detoxification Programs?

    Aetna may cover detox programs if they are part of a long-term rehab program for drug addiction recovery. For example, if you or a loved one go to rehab at an inpatient treatment center, they will likely cover this process.

    Does Aetna Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

    Aetna coverage may pay for inpatient drug or alcohol rehab because it is considered an essential treatment program for mental and behavioral health issues. Your coverage may kick in after you pay any co-pays your policy requires.

    Does Aetna Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

    Most of the time, Aetna will likely cover outpatient therapy, as long as your primary care provider decides that it is essential for your recovery. This treatment likely costs less than inpatient treatment, which means Aetna may be more likely to cover it.

    Does Aetna Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

    Intensive outpatient treatment provides a more hands-on outpatient rehab that features more treatment sessions. As a result, Aetna plans may cover this type of treatment. Make sure to check your Aetna health insurance plan for coverage details.

    Does Aetna Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

    Partial hospitalization is an outpatient program that uses more in-depth medical treatment during each of your visits. Aetna insurance typically covers this type of treatment, as long as it is declared medically necessary by your provider.

    Does Aetna Cover Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment?

    Suppose your healthcare provider decides that methadone or Suboxone are necessary for your recovery. In that case, your Aetna plan should cover its use, especially if you are using it to transition to more long-term care like residential treatment.

    Does Aetna Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

    Medication-assisted treatment helps with alcohol addiction by providing behavioral modification and FDA-approved medications. As a result, most Aetna plans consider this an essential healthcare treatment and may cover it for your addiction recovery.

    Where Are Aetna Plans Available?

    Aetna provides insurance plans in the following states:

    Types Of Aetna Plans

    Aetna has a handful of different plan types that are designed for many diverse individuals, each of which may provide some coverage for your addiction treatment.


    If you work within a PPO coverage area, your Aetna policy may cover your addiction treatment. These types of networks are often based on your recovery needs, so make sure to talk to your provider first.


    Aetna works with Medicare and Medicaid to provide addiction coverage for those who qualify for this type of care, including older people and low-income families.

    Student Health

    College students who suffer from addiction can receive low-cost insurance policies that help make their treatment more straightforward and streamlined by minimizing time and cost investment.


    Aetna has a handful of HMO plans that help cover various recovery steps, ensuring that you get the best care possible within your HMO coverage area, each of which is designed to handle many payment situations.

    If you still need more information about your Aetna policy, please contact us to verify your insurance coverage and get started on your recovery.

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