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  • Our alumni are living proof that our recovery process works. However, don’t take our word for it. Hear directly from alumni themselves.

    Alumni Testimonials

    Sam G – Bedrock Recovery Center & Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

    During active addiction, I was full of fear. It wasn’t until the drugs & alcohol stopped working that I knew I had to make a change. I am now 14 months clean, and I feel free. Every day being sober is a gift that I no longer take for granted, and that’s something I must always keep at the forefront. With gratitude & humility, anything is possible.

    Melissa M. – Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

    Recovery didn’t open the gates of heaven and let me in, it opened the gates of hell and let me out.

    Bradley A. – Bedrock Recovery Center & Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

    Bedrock was an incredible experience where I got sober and began to get some hope. I was able to identify with my disease for the first time and see that I was not alone and, most importantly, that there was a way out. Recovery allows me to participate in life, rather than letting life just pass me by.

    Ryan Y. – Bedrock Recovery Center & Northeast Addictions Treatment Center

    Being present and available to my family is the gift I’ve received from becoming and remaining so sober. My mother has always been my rock and best friend, so I’m honored to remain sober for her while she is still present on this earth.

    Andrew F. – Spring Hill

    I called on a Monday and ended up there that Thursday. I was looking forward to just getting away to reclaim a clear mind to think rather than constantly being in fight or flight. You can’t do it alone. You must rely on something bigger than yourself to give you peace of mind that things will get better.


    Being given a second chance at life & the ability to enjoy the things I had taken for granted for so long is one of the greatest gifts that recovery has given me.

    MJ S. – Bedrock Recovery Center

    I think Bedrock as an entity, and all the other recovery supports available, initially provided a safe space with medical and clinical resources to stabilize myself following several years of using. Bedrock has continued to offer outreach programs and inclusion as a alum, providing me with opportunities to remain in active service at the facility and in the community

    Shawn W.  – Bedrock Recovery Center

    My journey in recovery along with my continued sobriety have given me another chance at life and the ability to hit the restart button. I am grateful, humbled, and blessed. I continue to work on myself and I am a work in progress.

    Alumni Describe Treatment In Three Words

    • Authentic. Personal. Diverse.
    • Life-Changing. Empathetic. Resourceful.
    • Transitional. Introspective. Communal. 

    Alumni Share Their Favorite Activities

    Some of the field days with corn hole were a lot of fun, especially when you saw the ice cream truck pull up, and of course tie dye day which was partly my inspiration. With housing it was always fun to go bowling or to the movies, and the beach days were fun too.

    -Bradley A.

    Writing in the barn alone every morning maybe with sports or music quietly in the background. Keeping a gratitude journal and journaling about my thoughts while watching the sun rise – just waking up everyday drinking a coffee getting a surreal rush of real life enjoyment keeping a healthy routine.

    -Andrew F.

    The facility provides a lot of modern amenities, a comfortable environment, opportunity for activity in the fitness classes, movie theater, dining facility, rooms with windows, and space for positive learning as well as treatment experience. 

    -MJ S.

    Alumni Share What They Learned

    I began to learn how to recognize my emotions and understood what tools I needed to develop to navigate emotions without using my substance as a solution.

    -MJ S.

    Being open minded and having perspective that we have so much out of our control every single day. We have a choice to enjoy life by living by the mantra, control what you can control, not minding what happens that’s out of my control and might not go my way. There’s much more to life when you’re not headfirst in your phone all the time.

    -Andrew F.

    That being in recovery is fun. I have had some of the best times of my life in the year I have been in recovery. I still go to concerts, ball games, and out on dates. I am there for my family and people that need me. I am able to be of service to those who need help.

    -Bradley A.

    Alumni Share A Favorite Memory

    Leaving – completing the program in an honest as well as purposeful way in order to transition to further treatment at NEATC. After 30 days there was a sense of fear and freedom at the same time. I was uncomfortable. Probably more than anything uncertainty.

    -MJ S.

    Connections I made there to the people who are my peers. We keep in touch to this day. We formed lifelong bonds. I never would have met people from all these diverse backgrounds.

    -Andrew F.

    A time I remember vividly when I was helped was when I was having my first real craving to drink/use. I used the tools I was taught in all of the programs and talked to another alcoholic, talked to someone who worked in housing, and called my sponsor. I remember talking with Bobby in the office and feeling the craving disappear after just a little while.

    -Bradley A.

    Alumni Share Advice On Looking For Help

    Do not be afraid to reach out. It all starts with a phone call or asking for help. I promise you that there is hope to be found and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That one phone call started a journey to a manner of living infinitely more satisfying than the life I was living before.

    -Bradley A.

    Have faith in the recovery process. Not to compare to those who have found a path to recovery by omitting yourself from suggestions. What I’m trying to say is sometimes you go into treatment, and you think you are too smart for treatment or not as bad as the people around you. That you’re not as bad or better than them. Invest in yourself and your recovery by listening to suggestions without removing things you believe you don’t require.

    -MJ S.

    I never would have imagined my second time at Spring Hill going as well as it did. One on one counseling sessions with someone who attended a Harvard Symposium discussing compulsive gambling. The friendships I formed. My willingness to essentially abandon my entire social life by giving up my smartphone.

    -Andrew F.

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