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  • A partial hospitalization program (PHP) offers more intensive care than regular outpatient programs. Although patients receive in-depth medical and psychiatric care during the day to address health conditions like addiction, they return home at night.

    PHPs are available in hospital settings, and many inpatient or residential addiction treatment centers offer these programs as well.

    What Is A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

    PHPs, or day treatment programs, are the most comprehensive type of outpatient treatment, or when patients commute to and from a treatment center to receive care.

    Although the services and timelines vary from program to program, PHPs include treatment for five to six days each week. 

    Treatment sessions last around five to six hours each day, and may include:

    PHP treatment is provided by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, including clinically licensed mental health care providers, addiction treatment specialists, and therapists and counselors.

    Although the exact programming of a PHP will depend on the treatment provider, many programs assign each patient to a primary therapist or counselor who will help establish the patient’s personalized treatment plan, which will be tailored to you or your loved one’s needs.

    The Role Of Family And Loved Ones In PHPs

    A crucial aspect of many PHPs is the role of family members in their loved one’s care, which may include: 

    • providing access to community resources
    • bringing family members in for therapy sessions
    • offering options to discuss the treatment plan
    • coordinating ongoing support

    Because patients don’t stay overnight at the treatment center, it’s important for family members, loved ones, and other individuals in the patient’s social support system to be engaged and active in the treatment plan. 

    Many providers offer family therapy and education to family members and loved ones, so the skills you learn in the program can be reinforced at home and practiced in real-world scenarios. 

    Benefits Of Partial Hospitalization

    PHPs offer a similar intensity to inpatient programs but don’t require the expense or time commitment of residential care.

    Other benefits of a PHP for addiction include:

    • structured support during the day
    • integrated care that addresses the whole person
    • sleeping in the comfort of your home 
    • applying skills learned in therapy to real-world situations
    • the challenge of refraining from drug and alcohol use in home settings
    • increased family involvement, education, and support
    • being paired with a therapist for individualized care
    • short-term or long-term programming

    If you have a strong support system at home, and your family or friends are committed to support you in the evenings, PHP is likely the best alternative to inpatient or residential treatment.

    Who Should Attend A PHP?

    A PHP may be in your best interest when you:

    • no longer need 24-hour professional supervision and support
    • have recently completed an inpatient or residential treatment program
    • need continued treatment and daily reinforcement
    • need to work on life skills and continue a close relationship with a therapist
    • need more support than a standard outpatient program
    • have a strong support system at home
    • are struggling at work or in school
    • live in a stable housing situation and have access to daily transportation

    Who Should Not Attend A PHP?

    Depending on your situation, your drug and alcohol addiction and other mental or behavioral health needs may suggest you need residential care. 

    Look for other treatment options than a PHP if you or your loved one:

    • may cause serious harm to yourself or others
    • have recently relapsed
    • lack a strong support system at home
    • have family members who struggle with substance abuse

    Because you don’t live at the facility and immerse yourself in the treatment experience both day and night, the level of care offered at a PHP may be lower than what you or loved one needs.  

    How Long Does A PHP Last?

    The length of a partial hospitalization program will depend on the treatment provider and your individual needs. A PHP can last anywhere from two to three weeks to eight weeks or more. Treatment will likely be daily and last for around six hours each session.

    PHP Cost And Payment Options

    The cost of a PHP will vary based on several factors, including the treatment program, how long it lasts, and whether you have health insurance that covers the program.

    To learn more about the cost of a PHP, contact the treatment provider. It’s also beneficial to reach out to your insurance provider as well. Because addiction treatment is considered a health benefit in many insurance plans, some or all of your treatment may be covered.

    However, whether or not your plan is accepted may depend on whether the PHP accepts substance use disorder as the primary diagnosis that requires treatment. It’s important to understand your coverage and be aware of the payment options accepted by the rehab center.

    Find A PHP Today

    Ark Behavioral Health offers a PHP at two facilities: Recovering Champions and Northeast Addiction Centers

    Our expert staff provides a comprehensive and structured program that cares for each individual patient, provides a community of support, and keeps you busy and active with healthy activities like yoga or meditation.

    For more information on our PHPs, please connect us today.

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