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  • Alcohol or drug addiction is a problem for many people across the United States, and New Jersey is no exception. Many New Jersey residents are struggling to overcome substance use disorder, and it can be hard to reach out for help. 

    Luckily, New Jersey, New York, and several other states across the region are home to drug and alcohol rehab centers that can improve your quality of life and overall mental health. 

    How To Find & Choose Addiction Treatment In New Jersey

    Choosing an addiction treatment center is an important part of starting the recovery process. 

    There are several ways you or a loved one can search for the right treatment facility, including:

    • reaching out directly to a treatment center for more information on their treatment options
    • calling the New Jersey addictions hotline at 1-844-276-2777
    • using SAMHSA’s behavioral health treatment locator

    While considering available treatment options, it’s key that you consider factors that are more likely to make your treatment successful, including:

    • family involvement: if you’d like your family or other loved ones to be involved as a part of your support team, you’ll want to find a treatment facility that prioritizes family involvement as a part of your care plan
    • individualized treatment plans: you’ll want to choose a treatment facility that offers a custom course of treatment to fit your individual needs
    • co-occurring disorders: if you suffer from more than one mental health condition, it’s key to work with a recovery center that understands how to care for other mental health disorders while you’re also battling substance use disorder
    • continuum of care: throughout your treatment, you’ll progress through several levels of care (such as detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare), and it’s helpful when your treatment team follows you throughout each level of your recovery program
    • evidence-based services: keep an eye out for treatment providers that use therapies that are proven to be effective for addiction, such as various behavioral therapies

    New Jersey Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    There are many treatment programs available for New Jersey residents who are ready to begin the fight against substance use disorder. 

    There are several levels of care available in the area, from Newark to New Brunswick, including detox, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare options. 

    If you’re not sure what level of care is appropriate for you, reaching out to a treatment facility can be a good idea. Their staff can work with you to help you decide which level of treatment is an appropriate starting point for your needs. 

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    Going through the detoxification process can feel daunting. Working with a medical treatment team can be a safe, effective way to work through the detox and withdrawal process.  

    When you work with a medical treatment team, they’ll be able to provide you with medical advice, medications, and other support to keep you comfortable while you prepare for addiction treatment.

    Learn more about New Jersey Detox Programs

    Inpatient Treatment

    Attending a residential rehab program allows you to fully focus on your recovery. In an inpatient treatment program, you’ll have access to behavioral therapy, activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, and peers who are in a similar place in their journey to recovery. 

    Inpatient treatment allows you to take the time you need to discover and attack the root causes of your substance use disorder, helping you achieve long-term addiction recovery.

    Learn more about New Jersey Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient treatment can be an effective alternative to residential treatment, as well as a step-down level of care option following an inpatient rehab program. 

    An intensive outpatient program (IOP) or partial hospitalization/day treatment program allows you to go through intense therapies that can lead to recovery while also attending to essential tasks in your daily life. 

    Learn more about New Jersey Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers

    Opiate & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a specialized recovery option for opiate and alcohol addictions. MAT programs use FDA-approved medications, such as buprenorphine or disulfiram, to lower cravings and dependence associated with these disorders.

    These rehabilitation programs combine medication with other treatment services, such as group therapy and 12-step support groups.

    Learn more about MAT Programs In New Jersey

    Aftercare Support

    When you complete substance abuse treatment, you’ll need a solid plan in place to help you continue working on addiction recovery. 

    Your aftercare services may include:

    • sober-living housing
    • partial care programs
    • peer support groups like AA or NA
    • improved access to community resources
    • ongoing counseling and group therapy

    Learn more about Aftercare Support In New Jersey

    Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In New Jersey

    For New Jersey residents, there are many addiction treatment options. If you have health insurance, it’s possible that some or all of your treatment may be covered by your plan. Start by finding out if you have a Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance plan.

    You can also reach out to a treatment facility directly to learn more about your plan’s insurance coverage for their specific treatment services. 

    Learn more about Insurance Coverage For Drug Rehab In New Jersey

    If You Don’t Have Health Insurance

    New Jersey offers many state-funded options to residents without health insurance New Jersey offers prevention, early intervention, and treatment options for residents suffering from substance use disorder. 

    New Jersey Drug & Alcohol Addiction Facts

    The opioid epidemic is an ongoing concern in New Jersey. 

    Current statistics on drug abuse in the state include: 

    • In the first two months of 2022, New Jersey officials estimate there were 624 drug overdose deaths.
    • In 2021, an estimated 3,081 drug overdose deaths occured.
    • In 2020, an estimated 3,051 drug overdose deaths occured.
    • In 2019, there were 2,914 confirmed drug overdose deaths.
    • Of the recorded deaths in 2019, 2,248 involved fentanyl.
    • In 2019, 1,076 deaths involved heroin and 963 involved cocaine.
    • Essex County recorded the most overdose deaths in 2019 with 414.
    • Almost 25 percent of people in New Jersey who seek addiction treatment suffer from another mental health condition.

    Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

    At Ark Behavioral Health, we offer several treatment options to help you get on the right track. We know that it’s hard to ask for help, but we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

    We offer treatment at several locations in Massachusetts, including:

    Reach out to us today to learn more about our treatment programs. 

    New Jersey Addiction Treatment FAQ

    How Do I Access Treatment In New Jersey? 

    Reach out to the New Jersey addictions hotline at 1-844-276-2777, or reach out directly to a treatment provider such as Ark Behavioral Health. 

    What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like In New Jersey?

    Addiction treatment looks different for each person. Your treatment team will work with you to determine what level of care is most appropriate for you, and together, you’ll develop an individualized plan for your recovery. 

    Does Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment In New Jersey?

    For many people in New Jersey, addiction treatment is fully or partially covered by insurance. Call your insurance company for more information on the details of your individual insurance plan.

    Can I Go To Drug Rehab In New Jersey Without Insurance?

    Yes, you can go to drug rehab without insurance. You can pay out of pocket, or take advantage of the state-funded options for addiction treatment.

    Are There Walk-In Opioid Clinics In New Jersey?

    Yes, there are walk-in clinics to treat opioid addiction in the state.

    Are There Free Or State-Funded Rehab Centers In New Jersey?

    Yes, the state of New Jersey offers many free/state-funded rehab centers to people who need treatment for addiction, but do not have health insurance or do not have coverage for addiction treatment.

    Choose a city below to find a rehab center near you:

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