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  • Many famous actors live with alcohol or drug addiction (also called substance use disorder). While this disease is serious, it’s also treatable. Here are some of the most well-known actors who have successfully battled addiction. 

    Ben Affleck

    Known for films like Good Will Hunting and Pearl Harbor, Ben Affleck first sought treatment for alcohol addiction in 2001. He then experienced multiple relapses, returning to rehab once in 2017 and again in 2018. He now works hard to stay sober for the sake of his children.

    Drew Barrymore

    Born into a family of actors, Drew Barrymore became addicted to cocaine as a child. She recovered by attending rehab in her teen years. At age 44 in 2019, she also stopped drinking alcohol. She has been sober since. 

    Russell Brand

    Comedic actor Russell Brand began experimenting with drugs as a teenager. In his twenties, he developed a heroin addiction that led him to rehab. He has now celebrated 20 years of sobriety. 

    Bradley Cooper

    Early in his career, Oscar-nominated actor Bradley Cooper struggled with cocaine and alcohol use. In 2004, he sought help after his friend and fellow actor Will Arnett confronted him about his addictions. He has been sober ever since.

    Jamie Lee Curtis

    In 1989, Jamie Lee Curtis became addicted to Vicodin and other prescription painkillers. Ten years later, she realized she had a problem and attended her first support group meeting. She has now achieved more than 20 years of sobriety.

    Cara Delevingne

    Cara Delevingne remembers her first time abusing alcohol when she was seven years old. She was at a wedding and drank multiple glasses of champagne all at one time. By 10, she was abusing sleeping pills to deal with insomnia.

    Robert Downey Jr.

    Best known for playing Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. first tried drugs at six years old. He went on to battle addiction as a teenager and young adult. After numerous rehab stays and relapses, he has now been drug-free for nearly 20 years. 

    Zac Efron

    Shortly after rising to fame as a teenager, Zac Efron started struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. He attended rehab in 2013 and has been sober ever since. He maintains his recovery by attending therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

    Edie Falco

    Most famous for her role on The Sopranos, Edie Falco got addicted to alcohol as a young adult. At one point, she was so drunk that she accidentally left her front door open all night. This incident inspired her to stop drinking. She has now been sober for 30 years. 

    Tom Felton

    Harry Potter star Tom Felton is famous for playing Draco Malfoy in the film series. His loved ones staged an intervention due to his alcohol abuse and frequency of attending bars around the Los Angeles area. 

    Although Felton’s immediate attendance in rehab did not prove successful, he later entered another treatment facility, which helped him on his road to recovery.

    Mel Gibson

    Actor and director Mel Gibson began drinking alcohol at age 13. As an adult, he developed alcohol addiction, which led to a DUI arrest. When he realized he had a problem, he started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. He has now been sober for over a decade.

    Tom Holland

    Tom Holland stated he has been sober for a year according to Entertainment Weekly in a 2023 interview. However, there are no known specific instances in which Holland sought recovery other than abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

    Anthony Hopkins

    Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins struggled with an alcohol use disorder earlier in his career but stopped drinking after Christmas 1975. As of 2023, he has been sober for more than 47 years. He still considers himself to be a recovering alcoholic.

    Samuel L. Jackson

    In the early days of his career, Oscar winner Samuel L. Jackson became addicted to alcohol and cocaine. He also abused heroin, overdosing on it multiple times. In 1991, his family sent him to rehab. He has been sober ever since. 

    Lindsay Lohan

    Former child star Lindsay Lohan began abusing alcohol and other drugs in her early twenties. She faced multiple drug-related arrests and attended rehab numerous times. Now sober for several years, she recently returned to acting. 

    Rob Lowe

    Early in his career, Rob Lowe started struggling with alcohol abuse. When his addiction took a serious toll on his personal and professional life, he went to rehab. He has now been sober for more than 30 years.

    Mary-Kate Olsen

    In 2004, child actress Mary-Kate Olsen attended a treatment program for cocaine addiction and an eating disorder. Since then, she has worked hard to maintain her recovery. She’s now a successful fashion designer alongside her twin sister Ashley.

    Simon Pegg

    Simon Pegg has self-medicated with heavy alcohol use since the age of 18. The Shaun of the Dead actor attended a rehab center to recover from his alcohol abuse, and he continues to attend Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings.

    Matthew Perry

    In 1997, Friends star Matthew Perry became addicted to the prescription opioid Vicodin. Soon after, he started abusing alcohol as well. He attended rehab multiple times and has now been sober for more than 2 years. 

    Jada Pinkett Smith

    As a teenager, Jada Pinkett Smith started abusing alcohol, ecstasy, and marijuana. In 1996, while on the set of The Nutty Professor, she passed out after ingesting a contaminated batch of ecstasy. The incident motivated her to quit drugs cold turkey. She has been sober since.

    Brad Pitt

    After a 2016 incident involving his children aboard their family’s private jet, Brad Pitt committed to stop drinking alcohol and get sober. The acclaimed actor has been vocal about his recovery journey, including how AA meetings helped him overcome alcohol addiction.

    Daniel Radcliffe

    While filming the final Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe developed an alcohol addiction. He says he used alcohol to self-medicate his anxiety surrounding his future career. After he realized he had a problem, he stopped drinking. He has now been sober for over a decade. 

    Charlie Sheen

    Best known for his role on Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen first attended rehab in 1990. Like many people with addiction, he experienced multiple relapses and drug-related arrests. He continued to work toward recovery and has now been sober for 3 years.

    If you or a loved one struggles with drug use, please reach out to an Ark Behavioral Health specialist. Our inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment centers offer medical detox, mental health counseling, and other evidence-based treatments to help you stay sober.

    Christian Slater

    Actor Christian Slater received two DUIs at the age of 19. He also received jail time for other charges due to drug use. However, Slater spent time at a rehabilitation center and eventually succeeded at addiction recovery.

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