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Stockton, California Rehab Centers

Published on February 10, 2021
Stockton, California Addiction Treatment Options

Persons living in Stockton and San Joaquin County who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction have many recovery center options

Resources for substance abuse treatment at the city, county, state, and national level make it easier to address addiction and develop the skills needed to keep yourself or a loved one healthy.

Substance Abuse Treatment In Stockton, California

Addiction treatment services are available in Stockton through private and public agencies. An individualized treatment plan can help manage physical and mental health. 

You can access substance abuse treatment in this area by:

  • contacting treatment providers 
  • connecting with the Mental Health Services Division of the California Department of Health
  • using SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Locator

Stockton Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

There are many options available in the San Joaquin County area for those looking for specific drug treatment services. Learn more about the wide-range of recovery program options, from detox support to residential treatment and aftercare.

Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

A medical detox program provides professional support and supervision during withdrawal. Since withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and potentially lead to relapse, it helps to be in a program that supports you and gets you ready for a drug or alcohol rehab program.

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Inpatient/Residential Drug Rehab

Inpatient or residential treatment takes place in a comfortable setting where you’re surrounded by peers and professionals 24/7. Treatment services are likely to include recreational activities, dual diagnosis support for co-occurring mental health issues, behavioral therapy, and more.

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Outpatient Treatment

When full or partial hospitalization is necessary to provide a patient with the quality of health and recovery they need, outpatient permits them to be in close contact with medical professionals throughout the recovery. Intensive outpatient treatment is also available.

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Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) addresses physical addiction symptoms, using medication and therapy in tandem to develop a plan for recovery. MAT programs are geared toward opioid and alcohol addiction because of approved medications like naltrexone and methadone.

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An effective rehab facility is likely to provide aftercare planning following your rehab program. These services aim to connect you with community resources for ongoing support and can include sober-living housing, 12-step programs, and other relapse prevention services.

Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Stockton

Health insurance is the most common way to pay for addiction treatment. Whether you have a private insurance plan or a public insurance plan (Medi-Cal/Medicaid/Medicare), some treatment services are likely to be covered.

However, since coverage varies and depends on your plan, be sure to look into your insurance information by calling the number on the back of your insurance card, contacting your insurance provider, or reaching out to an addiction treatment center.

Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

Ark Behavioral Health is a network of recovery centers in the United States. To learn more about our rehab programs and treatment services, please connect with our helpline today.

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