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Jurupa Valley, California Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Published on March 10, 2021
Top-Rated Rehab Centers in Jurupa Valley, CA

California saw over 3,000 deaths related to opioid overdose in 2019. Jurupa Valley is a community in Riverside County that has treatment options for individuals and loved ones struggling with drug abuse. 

Professional substance abuse treatment plans are a vital step in recovering from addiction. 

Find California Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers Near You

Substance Abuse Treatment In Jurupa Valley, California

The Department of Health Care Services oversees addiction treatment in the state of California. This includes everything from an individualized treatment plan to mental health services. 

The fastest way to find a rehab facility near you is to:

  • contact a treatment facility directly 
  • use the SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Locator
  • try California’s Directories for Substance Use Disorder Services

Jurupa Valley Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

Each drug treatment program takes a unique approach to substance use disorder. This includes the types of drug addiction they treat as well as the clinicians that work at their practice. 

Each of these treatment services is designed to help people with individual needs and at different stages in recovery. 

Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

One common symptom of drug addiction is withdrawal. This is the biological process in which the initial chemical dependency is broken. A detoxification program is short-term and ensures withdrawal is safe and comfortable. 

Inpatient/Residential Drug Rehab

At a residential treatment facility patients receive a holistic approach to their wellness. This can include dual diagnosis services, peer-group counseling, and family involvement. These drug and alcohol rehab centers provide 24-hour access to care. 

Outpatient Treatment

There are several types of outpatient services including intensive outpatient treatment and partial hospitalization programs. At an outpatient program, people in recovery can maintain their day-to-day lives in between treatment sessions. 

Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

Opioid and alcohol addiction are sometimes treated with medication-assisted treatment. This type of drug and alcohol rehab uses medications to help people recover from addiction, along with behavioral therapy and other recovery services. 


A key part of a rehab program is how they support recovery even after the primary treatment program ends. These programs can be familiar 12-step programs or other support services such as sober-living arrangements and relapse prevention planning. 

Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Jurupa Valley, California

The cost of addiction treatment services can be covered by health insurance and Medicaid/Medicare. The fastest way to find out what an insurance plan covers is to take the following steps. 

  • dial the number on the back of the insurance card
  • contact an insurance provider 
  • reach out to a treatment center 
  • read about insurance coverage options 

Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

Help is available for yourself as well as your loved ones. Ark Behavioral Health offers inpatient services, outpatient treatment options, and a variety of addiction recovery programs. 

Reach out to our helpline today to speak with a specialist at our recovery center about finding the treatment plan that is right for you. 

Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
This page does not provide medical advice.

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Department of Health Care Services - Directories for Substance Use Disorder Services

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