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  • Can I Bring Medications To Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

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    Man Holding Prescription Pills-Can I Bring Medications To Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

    Some alcohol and drug rehab centers may allow you to bring some prescription medications to your rehab program. Talking to your treatment provider can help you find out if you can take your prescriptions into inpatient rehab.

    If your medication is approved, you likely need to follow rules and regulations about how to pack your medication. If your medication is not approved, you can work with your treatment provider to find out other ways to maintain your well-being.

    Your treatment provider may need to know about your medical history and drug use before you check in. Knowing your medical history can help your provider find the treatment plan that works for you.

    Approved Prescription Medications

    If you take prescription drugs for chronic health issues, you can talk to your addiction treatment provider about your specific needs. 

    Your treatment provider can tell you whether your medication will be allowed, and any rules you must follow. Commonly approved medications in rehab may include:

    • vitamins
    • some mental health prescriptions, including some antidepressants
    • some medications for chronic health issues, such as diabetes or heart disease
    • some over-the-counter medications

    Restricted Medications

    Habit-forming substances, such as opioids and benzodiazepines, may not be brought to rehab even if you have a prescription. You may not bring illicit drugs, such as illicit opioids or stimulants, into your substance abuse treatment program.

    Tapering Medications

    If you are on a tapering schedule and need to decrease your dose of a habit-forming drug over time, you may receive these doses from the rehab facility directly. You may also get new prescriptions from your treatment provider, depending on your treatment plan and specific needs.

    Common Rules About Prescription Medications In Rehab

    While every substance abuse treatment center has different rules about prescription drugs, many centers may share some general rules:

    • liquid medication must be sealed and in its original container
    • pills and tablets must be in their original container
    • you may only pack enough medication for the length of your rehab program
    • medication samples may not be allowed

    Outpatient rehab programs may have different rules as you may be living at home during an outpatient program.

    Before you agree to a plan or check in to a treatment center, you can ask your provider about their rules regarding your own medication. This can help you pack properly and maintain your overall health during rehab.

    Find A Treatment Facility That Works For You

    Accredited treatment providers consider your individual needs before, during, and after treatment. Addiction affects everyone in different ways, and understanding your medication needs is one part of an effective treatment plan.

    If you have an opioid or alcohol addiction, you may also receive new prescriptions during your treatment plan. Evidence-based medication such as methadone, naltrexone, and acamprosate can reduce your withdrawal symptoms, manage cravings, and ease the burden of the recovery process.

    Contact us today to learn about our individualized addiction treatment options for yourself, your family member, or your loved one. Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs offer medical detoxification, medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and other options.

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