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  • Some drug rehab facilities allow you to bring vitamins or nutritional supplements as long as they are sealed once you enter treatment. However, other treatment centers may not allow you to carry vitamins or supplements with you.

    One reason you may need to abstain from bringing these items to a treatment facility is the fact that sometimes they can interfere with certain prescription medications necessary to assist you in recovery.

    If you might benefit from having vitamins or supplements on-hand during rehab, contact the treatment center you’re interested in and ask directly.

    Are Vitamins Or Supplements Used During Treatment?

    Drug use can lead to vitamin deficiencies which your recovery center may acknowledge by providing you with the necessary vitamins to boost your immune system such as a multivitamin.

    Those suffering from alcohol addiction may require vitamins C, D, E, calcium, or magnesium. More specifically, B vitamins, including thiamine, can be depleted from the body due to high alcohol intake.

    What Items Can I Bring To Rehab?

    The following items can most likely be brought to rehab:

    • a list of prescription medications and dosages
    • unopened toiletry and hygiene products
    • make-up and lotions
    • toothbrush and toothpaste
    • insurance card (and the phone number of your insurance provider, if not listed on your card)
    • driver’s license
    • photos of loved ones for inspiration
    • flip flops and appropriate undergarments for showering
    • a list of emergency contacts
    • a journal or notebook

    Nail clippers and certain razors may be allowed. However, consider the medical advice of your chosen rehab center to learn more about their policies.

    What Items Am I Not Allowed To Bring To Rehab?

    Some of the items which are not allowed at treatment centers include:

    • any items containing alcohol such as mouthwash or nail polish remover
    • valuables that aren’t a necessity
    • weapons
    • cell phones and laptops
    • over-the-counter medications
    • candles
    • drugs or alcohol
    • aerosol products

    As always, contact your drug treatment center to determine their specific policies. For instance, cell phones and laptops may be permitted depending on the circumstances.

    Types Of Addiction Treatment Programs

    There are a variety of drug addiction treatment programs to consider. Certain programs focus on opioid or alcohol treatment options, including medication-assisted treatment programs.

    Medical Detoxification

    One of the first, short-term forms of treatment includes medical detox. Detox is a process in which toxins caused by drug abuse exit the body.

    Although this can sometimes create withdrawal symptoms such as cravings for drugs or alcohol, a healthcare professional will be there to monitor and guide you throughout the process.

    Inpatient Treatment

    Those with substance use disorders may require more extensive treatment in the form of inpatient care

    If you suffer from a co-occurring disorder such as a mental health problem and substance abuse issues, the 24/7 access to clinical support and doctors can be a successful treatment service for you to consider.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient care does not require you to remain at the facility 24/7. However, you must report to the treatment center at scheduled times during the week.

    Some of the programs offered with outpatient treatment include a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP).

    At Ark Behavioral Health, we offer a wide range of treatment plans for you to consider. Speak with one of our representatives today to learn more about the addiction recovery options we provide, such as evidence-based therapies and aftercare assistance.

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