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  • Fake Valium (Diazepam) Abuse | Identification & Warnings

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    Fake Valium (Diazepam) Abuse | Identification & Warnings

    If you buy street Valium from an unlicensed provider, you may be at risk of taking fake Valium pills. Fake Valium pills can be identified from where they are purchased, and they may look slightly different compared to real Valium.

    Fake Valium pills have made headlines in overseas areas such as British and Scottish news. In the United States, counterfeit Valium pills may contain fentanyl, etizolam, methamphetamine, or the antipsychotic haloperidol.

    Ingesting fake diazepam pills can cause life-threatening side effects such as severe drowsiness, trouble breathing, brain damage, and death. If you are unsure whether you have fake or real Valium, you can avoid taking the pills or putting samples through drug testing.

    Identifying Real Valium Vs. Fake Valium

    Real Valium tablets are round in shape and either blue, yellow, or white in color. Each tablet may have a V-shaped hole in the center, with the words ROCHE ROCHE VALIUM imprinted along with the dose strength.

    Generic diazepam tablets can be orange or yellow in color. Possible imprints for legitimate diazepam tablets may include Mylan 345, Barr 555 363, and Myx 942 5. 

    Fake Valium 

    You may have bought fake Valium if your Valium tablets or pills:

    • do not come from your doctor
    • come from an unlicensed provider, especially through the Internet or social media
    • are cheap
    • are sold in large amounts
    • look different than the above descriptions

    At-home drug testing kits can also test samples for fentanyl, diazepam, and other potent substances. Using a drug testing kit can tell you whether your samples contain ingredients beyond what you were sold.

    Fake Valium Warnings

    Taking Valium as directed by your doctor can minimize your health risk. On the other hand, taking street Valium pills can greatly increase your risk of drug overdose, drug interactions, and drug addiction.


    Fake Valium can contain fentanyl, etizolam, and other dangerous substances. 

    Ingesting high doses of these substances can lead to a fatal drug overdose. If an overdose victim is unconscious and not breathing properly, they may be suffering an opioid overdose which can be reversed with naloxone.

    Dangerous Drug Interactions

    Taking fake Valium can also increase your risk of dangerous drug interactions. Benzodiazepines are dangerous when mixed with opioids such as fentanyl or methadone, while mixing haloperidol with antidepressants can cause serious side effects.

    It can be difficult to keep track of drug interactions while taking illicit drugs. Reducing your illicit drug use can also reduce your risk of dangerous accidental interactions.

    Drug Addiction

    Taking fake Valium can rapidly lead to addiction. You can ingest high doses of habit-forming substances without knowing, and may require more fake Valium to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with prescription drug abuse, you can contact a drug addiction treatment program. Addiction treatment programs offer professional care in a controlled environment, away from potential triggers.

    For information on our prescription drug detox programs, mental health services, and withdrawal management services, please contact us today.

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