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  • Drug abuse in Vermont has declined somewhat in recent years, but not enough to end the ongoing struggle with drug addiction. Cocaine, in particular, has become a surprisingly popular drug in the area, causing health problems and addiction among many in the population. 

    Learn more about how substance abuse treatment can provide you with the healthy life you deserve in Essex.

    Substance Abuse In Essex & Essex County, Vermont

    In recent years, drug-related fatalities with cocaine have doubled and are now present in nearly one-third of all drug-related deaths, whether as the primary cause of overdose or as a mitigating factor. 

    Other concerning drug abuse statistics in the state include:

    • about 9,000 residents receive treatment every year
    • up to 20,000 residents need but do not receive alcohol or drug treatment
    • 130-140 deaths related to opioids occur every year
    • 80 percent of heroin users started with standard prescription medications
    • fentanyl contributes to over half of drug-related fatalities

    Thankfully, Vermont and surrounding New England states have opened up more drug treatment facilities over the last few years. 

    Each rehab facility provides specialized care options and treatment programs centered around each person’s unique addiction recovery, including their physical and mental health needs.

    Alcohol & Drug Rehab Options Near Essex, Vermont

    Addiction treatment centers near Essex provide a myriad of care options that handle all elements of drug and alcohol rehab. 

    Just a few addiction services to consider include:

    • medical detoxification
    • inpatient care
    • outpatient treatment
    • medication-assisted treatment for opioid or alcohol use disorders
    • aftercare plans

    Vermont’s health officials have emphasized the importance of accessing all levels of care, stating that focused recovery requires a dedication to sobriety that advances beyond simple physical detoxification.

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    Medical detoxification starts out most rehab procedures by examining the type of drugs that you use and supporting you during withdrawal. 

    During your alcohol or drug detox program, you may receive:

    • comfort-based care
    • pain management techniques
    • medical emergency treatment, as needed

    Your journey to sobriety will likely start with detoxification to ensure you manage withdrawal symptoms safely and stabilize for a recovery program.

    Inpatient Drug Rehab

    Inpatient drug rehab places you in a residential treatment facility staffed by caring professionals who can provide a myriad of benefits, including:

    • 24-hour health monitoring
    • peer support from others in recovery
    • therapeutic treatment services
    • wellness activities like meditation and yoga

    Inpatient treatment may also include care for co-occurring mental health disorders, which is sometimes called dual diagnosis treatment.

    Outpatient Addiction Treatment

    Outpatient treatment provides counseling and various types of healthcare needs. 

    There are typically three different intensity levels available, including:

    At the end of each outpatient rehab session, you can go home to spend time with your family or attend to your work and school needs.

    Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    A vast majority of addiction cases in Vermont are related to alcohol and opioids, and specialized medication-assisted treatment (MAT) options help by providing you with:

    • medication (methadone, buprenorphine, etc) to decrease physical dependence
    • support groups
    • behavioral therapies

    This comprehensive care option is available in both inpatient and outpatient settings and can be used for short-term or long-term recovery programs.

    Aftercare Services

    Aftercare focuses on preventing relapse by integrating you into your community and teaching you coping mechanisms for your potential relapse triggers. 

    Possible aftercare services include:

    • peer support recovery services
    • 12-step programs like AA
    • sober-living homes

    Most aftercare programs provide case managers to monitor your success and coordinate relapse prevention services after you finish your rehab program.

    Health Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment

    Recovery from addiction requires a financial dedication to your care that can be lightened via insurance. Vermont health insurance companies provide many types of plans that can streamline your recovery and make it more efficient. These companies include:

    • MVP Healthcare
    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont
    • Medicaid or Medicare
    • Dr. Dynasaur

    Don’t forget that Vermont provides state-funded rehab options and insurance types (known as Vermonters with Limited Income) that can give you the help that you need to pay for your treatment and avoid an excessive financial burden.

    Ark Behavioral Health Treatment Centers Near Essex, Vermont

    Ark Behavioral Health in Massachusetts runs four different treatment facilities that are only a short distance away from Essex, Vermont. 

    Our treatment programs include:

    To learn more about how our treatment centers can help you or a loved one, please contact our helpline today.

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