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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept ComPsych Insurance

Published on March 19, 2021
Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept ComPsych Insurance

ComPsych differs from your traditional insurance provider. This company is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. 

This is similar to health insurance, but instead of exclusively medical support, this type of coverage looks at crisis support, behavioral health, and mental health. 

ComPsych insurance coverage at an addiction treatment center for yourself or a loved one is likely available. 

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How To Determine ComPsych Insurance Benefits For Substance Abuse Treatment

ComPsych designs EAPs for employers. These plans are unique and can be tailored to an employer’s needs, budget, and other concerns. This means that each insurance plan can be different. 

Here is how anyone can find out what kind of addiction treatment programs their EAP covers:

  • dial the number on the back of the insurance card
  • contact the insurance company directly 
  • speak with your employer about in-network facilities 
  • call a treatment provider and ask about insurance validation 

Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Detoxification Programs?

A medical detox program allows people with substance use disorder to break free from the initial symptoms of withdrawal. This process is made safe and effective through medical care and supervision. Insurance providers often help with these costs. 

Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

A residential treatment facility is the first step for many people on their journey to recovery. These recovery centers provide 24-hour support and a variety of counseling sessions and wellness activities in peer-group settings. 

Your ComPsych insurance policy may provide coverage for this level of care, which may also include mental health treatment. 

Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient programs offer patients the most flexibility for scheduling treatment. This means that people struggling with alcohol abuse can get the help they need without having to leave home or work behind. ComPsych Insurance can likely help with the cost of this treatment. 

Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

An insurance provider might be able to help with the cost of an intensive outpatient program (IOP). IOPs offer a higher level of treatment and support as well as a more intensive commitment to scheduling, meeting at least three hours a day for three days each week.

Healthcare providers that offer IOPs and are in-network with your ComPsych plan will likely accept your insurance. 

Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

These programs meet for five days each week and offer inpatient treatment in an outpatient setting. Insurance can cover this intensive type of outpatient care for addiction. The therapies offered by this level of care are often held in a hospital setting. 

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Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment?

Opioid addiction is a serious health issue and insurance, including prescription drug coverage, can help people get access to the care they need. These medicines help to relieve and manage the medical and psychological symptoms of addiction to opioid drugs. 

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Does ComPsych Insurance Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

This therapy is commonly called medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Depending on the specifics of an insurance plan, this treatment could be covered. MAT uses approved medications along with therapy to help people with alcohol addiction to recover successfully. 

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Where Are ComPsych Insurance Plans Available?

ComPsych operates throughout the United States. However, there are select states where their services are concentrated. The states that have the most healthcare professionals who accept ComPsych insurance include: 

Types Of ComPsych Insurance Plans

ComPsych offers a variety of EAPs that can help people with addiction. While most of these offer indirect support, there are two types of coverage that can help with access to alcohol and drug rehab. 

Behavioral Health Programs

This coverage is backed by their worldwide network and is fully integrated into their other EAP coverage options. This type of coverage can help with access to addiction treatment. 

Employee Assistance Programs

This type of coverage is the basic package offered by ComPsych. This program can be customized and offers different services depending on the employer. This can include services that help with drug abuse. 

Verify Your Addiction Treatment Insurance Coverage

The cost of addiction treatment can be managed with an insurance program. Even with insurance, there are still costs individuals should keep an eye out for. These can include co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-network fees. 

Reach out to Ark Behavioral Health today to verify your insurance coverage for addiction treatment. 

Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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