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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans

Published on March 11, 2021
Rehab Centers That Accept Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans

Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans are a unique type of health insurance. This type of coverage creates health insurance plans for employers who are looking to potentially save money, but expect lower utilization. 

Depending on each employer, employees might have one of these plans. This type of insurance can include coverage for alcohol or drug addiction treatment

Insurance Companies That Cover Alcohol And Drug Rehab

How To Determine Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Benefits For Substance Abuse Treatment

Finding out what an insurance plan covers, including behavioral or mental health care, can be a little tricky. However, there are some quick shortcuts that anyone can use to determine coverage:

  • dial the phone number on the back of your insurance card
  • contact your insurance company or healthcare provider
  • reach out to a treatment facility and ask about insurance coverage

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Detox Programs?

Withdrawal can be challenging, and even medically dangerous, depending on the type of addiction and a person’s individual needs. It’s common for health insurance plans to cover this initial program, which provides support while you detox and experience withdrawal symptoms. 

Learn more about Medical Detox Programs

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient addiction treatment programs offer comprehensive care for people who need the most support during recovery. 

Not only do they provide a safe location to focus on wellness, but they also provide customized residential treatment plans that help people struggling with substance use disorder achieve their goals. This type of rehab treatment might be covered by your Assurant health insurance plan

Learn more about Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

This is the most general level of outpatient treatment options. These programs can be covered by insurance. They are often ideal for people who are already further along in their recovery. These programs can be scheduled around work, education, and other life needs. 

Learn more about Outpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

This is often the middle-level of outpatient care. This type of drug rehab meets for three days each week and is ideal for people who need to balance rehab with their other responsibilities. It’s common for insurance to help with this type of care

Learn more about Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

These are some of the most intensive types of outpatient treatment for addiction. These PHPs offer similar treatments to inpatient services, but on a schedule you can control. 

This type of care allows people who need additional support for other health problems to still return home after treatments. Insurance may help you access this level of care

Learn more about Partial Hospitalization Programs

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) uses medications to help ease the symptoms of opioid addiction. These symptoms can be a roadblock for people throughout the treatment process and can even be medically dangerous. Many insurance plans cover this kind of treatment

Learn more about Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs

Does Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

Medication-assisted treatment is a type of addiction treatment that uses medicine to treat the symptoms of addiction. Alcohol addiction can have severe symptoms that are best treated with medications, and your insurance may cover this treatment option

Learn more about Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Where Are Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans Available?

Assurant Self-Funded Health Plans are employer-based. This means that these programs can exist in many places. Here are the states where Assurant regularly operates: 

Verifying Your Insurance Coverage 

There is a lot that goes into figuring out how much an insurance provider will cover rehab or what you will owe upfront. 

Out-of-pocket costs are affected by factors such as whether the rehab facility is in-network, if the deductible has been reached, and what your copays or coinsurance fees will be. 

A representative at an addiction treatment center can help answer these questions for yourself or a loved one. To verify your insurance coverage for rehab treatment, please connect with Ark Behavioral Health‘s helpline today. 

Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
This page does not provide medical advice.

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