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  • Getting Your Father Into Drug Rehab | Do’s & Don’ts

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    Son Talking With His Dad-Getting Your Father Into Drug Rehab | Do's & Don'ts

    If your father is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, there are ways to approach the subject carefully. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states you should be supportive, listen, and have an honest conversation with your father.

    There are numerous addiction treatment options to consider for your father. When assisting a loved one suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, here are the do’s and don’ts you should know.

    Do Find An Accredited Drug Or Alcohol Rehab Center

    Before speaking with your father about seeking professional help, consider organizing any information you may need. Find an accredited treatment facility which offers various rehab programs.

    Additionally, you can reach out to your healthcare provider who may offer a referral. Each rehab center may be slightly different, offering different types of treatment.

    Do Learn About The Available Types Of Treatment

    There are numerous types of treatment available for those suffering from drug addiction. Outpatient and inpatient care provide a wide range of treatment options to consider.

    In the beginning stages of treatment, medical detox may be necessary to rid the body of dangerous toxins. Your father can also take part in multiple therapy programs such as individual or group therapy.

    Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an option for those suffering from either an alcohol use disorder or an opioid use disorder. Those with a dual diagnosis such as a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder can receive extensive treatment as well.

    Once you’ve learned more about the treatment process, you are better equipped to help your father during his potential recovery journey. 

    If you are the primary caregiver, finding a treatment plan that works for your father can help relieve stress and allow you to prepare for when he exits a treatment program and requires aftercare support.

    Do Offer Your Support

    Once you’ve learned about rehab facilities and their treatment programs, offer support for your father and begin a discussion about his drug or alcohol use. 

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggests refraining from using the term “addict” and instead referring to your father as someone with a substance use disorder.

    Once you’ve started a dialogue with your dad about his drug or alcohol problem, he may be resistant at first. However, once you fill him in on your knowledge and benefits of treatment, he may be more inclined to listen.

    Additionally, let your father know that you and other family members wish to take part in his recovery process. For instance, you can participate in family therapy and certain support groups.

    Don’t Place Blame On Your Father

    Although your father’s drug addiction may impact your life and the lives of other family members, it’s important to not place blame on your father. By recognizing that your father is also suffering, you can gain more empathy for his situation.

    When discussing getting treatment with your father, don’t blame him for his faults. Instead, consider listing some of the ways in which your father’s behavior may be hurting the ones he loves.

    Don’t Ignore Or Enable Your Father’s Drug Problem

    If your father is resistant to substance abuse treatment, you may need to set firm boundaries. For instance, you can ask that your father does not drink around you if you want to maintain a drug-free home.

    If you have an occasional drink, be sure not to do so in front of your father, as you don’t want to enable his behavior. Ignoring your father’s drug problem can lead to serious consequences which affect him and others around him.

    Don’t Neglect To Take Care Of Yourself

    While trying to help your father with addiction, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Understanding the toll it takes on a caregiver is important.

    If you haven’t done so, place focus on your own mental health and well-being by participating in support groups. After all, you can only take care of someone if you yourself are in a mentally strong place to do so.

    Consider finding treatment at Ark Behavioral Health. At our network of addiction treatment centers, we provide evidence-based treatment options monitored by qualified health professionals.

    Our treatment plans focus on detox, therapy, and aftercare services. Contact us today to speak with a representative and learn more about the options to help your father gain sobriety.

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