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  • Getting Your Brother Into Drug Rehab | Do’s & Don’ts

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    Brothers Having A Serious Conversation-Getting Your Brother Into Drug Rehab | Do's & Don'ts

    Convincing your brother to enter a drug rehab program can be difficult. If your brother has an alcohol or drug addiction, he may become angry or defensive when confronted. You can express your concern, show patience, and research drug addiction treatment options with your brother.

    Supporting a family member with addiction can help their recovery process. However, you should also practice self-care. If you set boundaries and keep a healthy state of mind, you can support your brother effectively.

    In 2020, almost 60 million Americans misused drugs at least once in the past year. If your brother is misusing illicit or prescription drugs, a professional drug rehab program can be the best option for him.

    What You Should Do

    Drug addiction can be a complex mental health disorder. Supporting your brother during a difficult time can improve his recovery chances. However, it may be important to set boundaries and take care of yourself.

    Talk To Your Brother

    When you talk about your brother’s drug addiction, your goal may be to show him that he needs professional help. You can use the following methods to have a productive conversation with your brother:

    • start the conversation when you are both sober
    • talk calmly and patiently
    • give examples of how his drug addiction is hurting your family
    • tell him the health risks if he does not stop

    If you are worried about your brother’s reaction, you can stage an intervention. You can do this with a group of loved ones, with a professional intervention team, or with both groups.

    Refer Your Brother To Resources

    Resources may include substance abuse support groups, referrals to mental health specialists, and information about suitable drug addiction treatment facilities. 

    If your brother’s condition is serious enough to require treatment, you can contact treatment centers directly to ask about their treatment programs.

    While the type of treatment your brother needs is specific to him, you can look for treatment programs that offer medical drug detox programs, professional management of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and mental health services.

    If a drug rehab center offers these treatment options, you can contact them directly and ask about their detailed treatment plans. You can also use credible online resources, call a national helpline, or talk to your own healthcare provider to learn about suitable addiction treatment centers.

    Support Yourself

    You may need to take care of yourself while looking after your brother. Self-care methods you can use may include exercising, meditating, and eating healthy foods. You can also reach out to local support groups for yourself.

    Support groups such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon were founded for people affected by another person’s alcohol or drug use. These support groups can help you connect with people in similar situations and discuss your problems in an understanding environment.

    What You Should Not Do

    You should remember that you have your own life while helping your brother with his drug addiction. If you take on his problems on your own, your relationship and health may worsen.

    Don’t Become Your Brother’s Primary Caretaker

    A drug addiction can be stressful for both the victim and their family members. You may feel like it is your responsibility to help him, or that you are failing him if he relapses. 

    Some people in this situation may start paying bills for their brother or taking time away from their own lives to look after him.

    In reality, drug addiction can be a complex mental illness. If you become your brother’s primary caretaker, your health may worsen and you may be unable to give your brother the help he needs.

    If your brother’s drug abuse is serious or life-threatening, he may need professional help. Trying to help your brother on your own can be hurtful to you and your relationship with him. It may also make his drug problem worse.

    Don’t Enable Your Brother’s Drug Abuse

    Enabling your brother’s drug abuse can include convincing your brother that he does not need help, or letting him continue abusing drugs.

    Enabling can be done by family members who want to avoid difficult conversations or think that they are helping. However, enabling can create feelings of resentment and mistrust between family members.

    Forms of enabling may include abusing drugs with your brother to bond with him, excusing his behavior, blaming others for his drug addiction. Enabling a family member’s drug addiction can worsen your relationship and their health.

    Finding A Substance Abuse Treatment Center For Your Brother

    A drug addiction treatment program can surround your brother with health professionals. During treatment, he may receive intensive care that improves his chances of recovery. If your brother has a serious drug use problem, you can contact our treatment facilities today.

    Our inpatient addiction treatment options include medical detoxification programs, medication-assisted treatment, behavioral health services, family therapy, and other evidence-based options.

    We can work with you and your brother to create an individualized treatment plan. Our services can help people with opioid, benzodiazepine, stimulant, and other forms of drug abuse.

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