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    The nearest addiction treatment centers to the Vermont community of Jericho are a pair of addiction treatment providers located in Burlington and South Burlington. 

    These include a residential treatment facility as well as an outpatient treatment program specializing in medication-assisted treatment.

    A variety of other addiction treatment programs are located around the state and across the greater New England region.

    Substance Abuse Treatment In Jericho, Vermont

    To access addiction treatment near Jericho, you can:

    • use the Vermont Department of Health, Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) website to consult their official list of ADAP-accredited treatment providers
    • call or chat online with the Vermont Helplink service, a digital helpline that can help you find appropriate treatment services and begin the recovery process
    • use SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Locator
    • contact local treatment centers directly
    • request a referral from your healthcare provider

    Jericho Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

    The type of care you receive can vary greatly depending on your condition and individual needs. It’s important that you begin your treatment with an assessment that will consider:

    • your history with alcohol and/or drug addiction
    • your drug or alcohol rehab history
    • co-occurring mental health issues
    • your overall health, wellness, and motivation to heal

    Common types of care that may be recommended as part of your personalized treatment program include:

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    Physical dependence is a natural consequence of long-term substance use. Medical detoxification programs reverse this dependence by providing a comfortable and supervised environment where you work through withdrawal symptoms before beginning inpatient or outpatient treatment.

    Inpatient/Residential Treatment

    In inpatient treatment, you’ll be sequestered in a specialized rehab center over an extended period of time, often thirty days or more.

    Here, you’ll work closely with clinicians and other patients as you participate in intensive treatment services like:

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient rehab programs are widely available at a variety of levels of intensity, ranging from non-intensive outpatient programs/counseling services to intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and partial-hospitalization programs (PHPs)

    You will likely need to commute to the treatment center to participate, but will have the flexibility to continue living at home and, depending on your situation, attend work or school.

    Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Well-known medications like buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone can be used to assist those in recovery from alcohol and/or opioid use disorders. 

    These medications can be used alone or in combination, and are then paired with counseling and behavioral therapy in a treatment approach known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). 


    Addiction, unfortunately, is not a short-term condition. However, many drug rehab centers offer long-term aftercare support that can help you in the months and years to come. 

    These relapse-prevention and wellness services may include:

    Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Jericho, Vermont

    In Vermont, a variety of insurance types can be used to pay for treatment at accredited rehab facilities, including private/employer-sponsored health insurance and public health insurances like Medicaid and Medicare.

    To learn more about your coverage details:

    • call the phone number on the back of your insurance card
    • ask your addiction treatment provider about your insurance plan

    If you’re uninsured or have critical financial needs, you can contact Vermont Helplink for assistance.

    Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

    Our Massachusetts addiction treatment centers provide all levels of care, from medical detoxification to long-term inpatient and residential treatment. 

    To find out if our treatment programs are a good fit for yourself or a loved one, please connect with our helpline today.

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