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    Addiction treatment options in Brattleboro, Vermont include regular outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, inpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, care for adolescents, mental health services, and more.

    Substance Abuse Treatment In Brattleboro, Vermont

    The Division of Drug and Alcohol Abuse (ADAP) Programs oversee drug and alcohol addiction prevention, treatment, and aftercare throughout the state of Vermont. The ADAP is a branch of the Vermont Department of Health, which partners and supports other resources in the state.

    Other useful addiction treatment resources in Vermont include VT Helplink, a state-sponsored resource and lookup tool for drug and alcohol rehab centers. Vermont 211 is another state-wide database for addiction treatment centers.

    Brattleboro Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

    VT Helplink promises patients experiencing an alcohol or drug abuse crisis will be set up with treatment services within five business days. The site also states patients who are pregnant, who inject drugs, or a combination of both will be given priority in rehab programs.

    Rehab programs are likely to offer a wide-range of treatment services, ranging from detox support to inpatient treatment and aftercare.

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    Detoxification, or detox, is an early and important step in addiction recovery programs. Patients likely need to cleanse their body of habit-forming substances while managing adverse effects of withdrawal.

    Medically assisted detox programs can help patients navigate the difficulties of detox. Detox can be a part of both outpatient and residential treatment.

    Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

    Inpatient rehab facilities have patients step away from their daily lives to focus on treatment. Inpatient care is often meant for people who have orders from a court to complete treatment, or for patients who have trouble functioning due to drug or alcohol abuse.

    One addiction treatment center located in Brattleboro itself offers residential treatment for both adults and adolescents. It also offers dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders, access to a variety of healthcare specialists, and other services.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient care is an option for patients who have less severe substance use disorders, or patients who are coming from intensive inpatient care. Patients may attend programs at a treatment facility during the day, and go home at night.

    Outpatient services in Brattleboro offer virtual care, partial hospitalization programs, methadone and buprenorphine maintenance treatment, and other services.

    Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Recent data shows Vermont residents have higher rates of alcohol abuse and addiction than the United States as a whole. Opioid abuse is also an ongoing problem in Vermont.

    Vermont’s approach to opioid addiction treatment is known as Hub and Spoke. 

    This treatment program emphasizes intensive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) at nine regional “hubs” throughout the state. Patients can receive community-based treatment at a wider selection of 75 “spoke” locations.


    Aftercare helps patients stay on the path to recovery in the long-term. Since patients may be exposed to triggers in their daily lives, aftercare helps patients avoid relapse and practice self-care.

    Dedicated recovery centers keep patients connected with resources after they leave the treatment center. Aftercare may include attending support groups and peer recovery coaching sessions.

    Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Brattleboro, Vermont

    Vermont Health Connect is Vermont’s health insurance marketplace. People looking for an insurance plan can speak to a representative, compare treatment plans, and find out if they qualify for financial aid.

    Vermont has a type of Medicaid called Dr. Dynasaur, which is Medicaid for pregnant women and children who are struggling financially.

    The right health insurance plan can help keep costs down while you get treatment. Contact your insurance provider to find the best treatment that falls under your coverage plan.

    Learn more about Healthcare Insurance

    Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

    Ark Behavioral Health offers high-quality rehabilitation services at several Massachusetts drug rehab centers. Our services are tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

    To find out if our treatment services are the right choice for you or your loved one, please contact our helpline today.

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