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  • On average, Vyvanse lasts for about 64 hours in your system. How long Vyvanse stays in your system can change depending on factors such as diet, body fat, drug tolerance, and others.

    Knowing the detection time for Vyvanse in a person’s system may help with drug screenings. If your employer or healthcare provider is giving you a drug test, you may need to know how long you can go without testing positive for Vyvanse.

    Detection Times & Half-Life Of Vyvanse

    The half-life of Vyvanse can be broken down into its main ingredient, lisdexamfetamine, and its main metabolite, dextroamphetamine. Lisdexamfetamine has a half-life of about 1 hour, while dextroamphetamine has a half-life of about 12 hours.

    The half-life of a substance can be used to tell how long it usually stays in your system. After about five half-live cycles, most substances will likely be almost completely removed from the body, though traces of it may stay in certain parts of the body for longer.

    Lisdexamfetamine and dextroamphetamine reach maximum concentration in your body about 1 and 4 hours after use, respectively. This is when you will likely feel the strongest effects of Vyvanse. 

    After this, the half-life cycle begins, and Vyvanse will likely leave your body around 64 hours after last use.

    Drug Testing For Vyvanse

    A Vyvanse drug test may check for other amphetamines in your system as well. This is because lisdexamfetamine’s main metabolite, dextroamphetamine, is also the main active ingredient in Adderall.

    Vyvanse is prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or binge eating disorders. Its powerful and short-acting effects make it a target for drug abuse, which can be a point of concern for employers or healthcare professionals.

    A drug test may check for signs of substance abuse, drug addiction, eligibility for employment, or be used as evidence in a criminal trial. In the case of a drug overdose, a drug test can tell doctors the type of overdose that needs treatment.

    Urine Test

    Urine tests can find traces of Vyvanse between 3 to 5 days after the last dose. Urine tests may look for unchanged lisdexamfetamine or dextroamphetamine.

    A urine test is one of the most common types of drug tests. The specific testing method may vary between clinicians and testing companies, leading to differences in detection times.

    Hair Test

    Hair tests can find Vyvanse metabolites up to 90 days after your last dose.

    Hair tests usually have the longest detection window out of all drug tests. Drug metabolites end up in hair follicles through the bloodstream and stay there even as the hair grows out.

    Saliva Test

    Vyvanse and its metabolites may only be detected in saliva between 5 to 48 hours after the last use.

    Saliva tests usually look for recent use. Factors such as eating and drinking recently may also affect the outcome of a saliva test.

    Blood Test

    A blood test may only detect Vyvanse for a matter of minutes or hours after the last dose. While Vyvanse is active, it travels through the bloodstream. Vyvanse’s relatively short elimination times can also make the window for blood tests shorter.

    How To Pass A Drug Test For Vyvanse

    The best way to not test positive for Vyvanse is to avoid taking it completely. Factors outside of Vyvanse use can also affect your results on a drug test.

    Drug tests involving amphetamines usually test for many different types of amphetamines, which include lisdexamfetamine, dextroamphetamine, and their metabolites, but may not include methamphetamine. Some substances may also cause false positives for amphetamines, including:

    • propranolol (a beta blocker)
    • phentermine (an appetite suppressant)
    • antihistamines
    • tranylcypromine (an antidepressant)
    • methamphetamine (MDMA)

    These substances may be chemically similar to Vyvanse or have similar compounds. Many are sold as prescription drugs, with the exception of MDMA (an illicit substance). Knowing what medications you have taken recently can help you avoid a false positive during drug testing.

    Treating The Effects Of Vyvanse Use

    Vyvanse can be a danger to your well-being even outside of a positive test. Failing a drug test may be a sign that substance use may be taking over your life. 

    Vyvanse is a Schedule II controlled substance in the United States, with a high potential for abuse. Prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin also fall in this category.

    Chronic use of Vyvanse and other amphetamines can cause severe side effects to both your physical and mental health.

    To recover from Vyvanse abuse and test negative on your next screening, professional treatment can help. Talk to your healthcare professional or contact us today to find the best treatment for you.

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