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Plum, Pennsylvania Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Published on May 19, 2021
Plum, Pennsylvania Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

There are only a few options for drug abuse treatment near Plum. Thankfully, this community is part of Allegheny County and features more options for finding a substance use disorder recovery program for yourself or a loved one. 

Substance Abuse Treatment In Plum, Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) supervises addiction services in this state. When looking for a rehab center, try to find a program that offers an individualized treatment plan and other features such as mental health services.

To locate treatment nearby, you can: 

  • contact a drug and alcohol rehab program directly
  • use the Allegheny County website
  • explore the DDAP website for local resources 
  • use SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Treatment Locator

Plum Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

There are treatment services near Plum that can help people start their journey to recovery. The best addiction treatment program for a given person will be based on their individual needs. A customized treatment plan may include detox, inpatient care, or other recovery options. 

Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox In Plum, PA

This is a short-term program. Detoxification support helps people get through withdrawal. A drug detox program is often a part of an inpatient or outpatient program, but can also be a standalone option that doesn’t provide any addiction treatment. 

Inpatient/Residential Drug Rehab In Plum, PA

At a residential treatment program, people have access to holistic support for dual diagnosis and mental health disorders. These programs also offer 24-hour access to treatments and a peer-group setting for recovery, as well as wellness activities like meditation or yoga. 

Outpatient Treatment In Plum, PA

The core of outpatient treatment is in an individual’s ability to schedule treatments when they need them. These programs also allow people to retain their social support networks and careers. They are typically offered as either an intensive outpatient program or a partial hospitalization program

Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs In Plum, PA

Medication-assisted treatment is used to treat opioid and alcohol addiction. This treatment uses medications like methadone, Suboxone, and naltrexone to relieve dependence. Medications are combined with other treatment services like therapy or counseling.

Aftercare In Plum, PA

12-step programs, alumni clubs, and sober-living housing are all different aftercare strategies. These programs help prevent a relapse or provide support should a relapse occur. Addiction is a chronic medical condition and a rehab program should have a plan for aftercare. 

Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Plum, Pennsylvania

Each treatment facility has their own approach to pricing, but health insurance and Medicaid/Medicare can help with these costs. You can find out more about drug addiction treatment costs by gathering your insurance policy info and contacting a treatment center.

Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

The best recovery center for yourself or a loved one will likely use evidence-based services and individualized care. At Ark Behavioral Health, you can find certified professionals who can create a customized treatment plan that helps you reach your recovery goals. 

To learn more about the treatment options available to you, please connect with our helpline today. 

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Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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