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  • Mixing Tramadol & Weed | Dangers Of Combining Marijuana And Tramadol

    Mixing Tramadol & Weed | Dangers Of Combining Marijuana And Tramadol

    Tramadol is a prescription opioid analgesic used to help treat those who suffer from severe or chronic pain. Tramadol is a strong narcotic that may cause hazardous drug interactions when mixed with marijuana.

    Marijuana comes from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plant contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids. THC is the primary ingredient responsible for marijuana’s effects and high.

    Effects Of Mixing Weed & Tramadol

    Both weed and tramadol have various side effects. When combined, the effects can be heightened or addictive, increasing the risk of addiction and other adverse effects.

    Side Effects Of Marijuana

    To feel the effects of THC in cannabis, many people smoke flowers or buds from the plant. The THC from marijuana can also be mixed into cookies, brownies, and other edibles, as well as wax, oils, and concentrates. 

    Some of the side effects of marijuana use may include:

    • impaired body movement
    • altered sense of time
    • memory problems
    • changes in mood
    • altered senses 

    Sometimes medical marijuana takes the place of antidepressants. However, long-term marijuana use can lead to a condition involving adverse effects such as severe vomiting.

    Side Effects Of Tramadol

    Although Tramadol brings pain relief to those suffering from lasting severe pain caused by injuries or other issues, this painkiller can cause problems if taken in high doses. 

    This narcotic drug produces a variety of side effects such as:

    • vomiting 
    • nausea 
    • fatigue 
    • dizziness 
    • constipation 
    • drowsiness 

    Factors That May Worsen Side Effects

    As always, the side effects of the drugs taken can be more serious depending on a number of factors, including:

    • if you’re taking high or low doses
    • how many drugs are in your system
    • the frequency of drug use
    • if you’re taking any other medications
    • the person’s genetics
    • if you frequently use both drugs together

    Dangers Of Mixing Weed & Tramadol

    When mixing weed and tramadol, the side effects mentioned above can become more intense. In addition to this, there are several dangers to be aware of.

    Respiratory Depression

    When weed and tramadol are abused, respiratory depression can occur. This is due to the fact that tramadol slows down the central nervous system (CNS). 

    When marijuana is used with tramadol, the effects are even greater, giving you a more increased chance of respiratory depression.

    Cognitive Problems

    One of the main side effects of weed is impaired judgment due to a reduction in overall awareness. On top of this, memory problems and changes in mood can occur. 

    Because marijuana impairs the person using the drug’s decision-making ability, taking tramadol at the same time can be risky. For instance, those suffering from a substance use disorder may continue to combine weed and Tramadol, overlooking the dangers that can happen.

    For instance, you might forget how much Tramadol you’ve taken due to the memory impairment brought on by cannabis. Also, if you’re taking both drugs and experience a type of allergic reaction, you might not even realize it.

    Addiction, Dependence, & Withdrawal Symptoms

    Those abusing cannabis can suffer from cannabis use disorder (CUD). When this disorder is developed, you may experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms after stopping use. Other marijuana withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, mood swings, and a decreased appetite.

    If you have developed tramadol dependence over time, you may also experience withdrawal when you stop using. Tramadol withdrawal symptoms may include:

    • panic attacks
    • insomnia 
    • sweating 
    • hallucinations 
    • diarrhea 

    Some of these side effects, such as panic attacks and insomnia, could be eased by the effects of marijuana. However, using marijuana to self-medicate withdrawal symptoms may only mask a larger problem.

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