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  • Drug addiction may be a problem in the community when 53 percent of adults in New Hampshire indicated that substance abuse was the state’s biggest problem. 

    Drug use is on the rise in New Hampshire due to its proximity to a major drug trafficking hub in nearby Lawrence, Massachusetts. With alcohol as well as opioids and other drugs being readily available, the threat to public health is clear.

    Thankfully, substance abuse treatment in Keene, Dublin, and across New England states can help you or your loved one address mental health and addiction head on.

    Drug & Alcohol Abuse In Keene, New Hampshire

    Take a look at some drug addiction  facts collected from New Hampshire:

    • Fatalities associated with synthetic opioids like fentanyl accounted for 386 deaths in 2018
    • prescription opioid-related deaths have declined from 89 in 2016 to 43 deaths in 2018
    • in New Hampshire, health care providers wrote out 46.1 prescriptions for opioids for every 100 residents in 2018

    Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center Options Near Keene, New Hampshire

    With addiction treatment, there are a number of types of care available to you. A medical professional will evaluate you to determine the most appropriate treatment services for your needs and situation. 

    Types of care for addiction treatment include:

    • supervised medical detox
    • residential/inpatient treatment, where you live in a group home with people who are working to break free of addiction just like you
    • outpatient treatment, where you travel to a treatment facility on a regular basis
    • special attention for opioid or alcohol addiction
    • aftercare for once treatment is finished

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    In some cases, a person is so profoundly addicted to alcohol or drugs that it becomes a life-threatening issue to withdraw from these substances without medical assistance. 

    A detoxification program that is conducted with medical advice and assistance may be the appropriate start for your addiction recovery. While detox programs don’t treat addiction, they can assist in a medical emergency and help you stabilize for a recovery program.

    Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

    In a residential/inpatient treatment program, you live in a rehab facility with other residents working towards recovery. You’ll be under the care of professionals and have access to a variety of treatment approaches and services.

    With an inpatient rehab program, you’ll likely have access to behavioral therapy, treatment for dual diagnosis or co-occurring mental health disorders, and other treatment services like outdoor therapy, peer support groups, and yoga/meditation.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient treatment may be a more appropriate treatment method if you have mild drug abuse issues and a strong system at home.  

    There are a number of options for outpatient treatment centers, including:

    Do not fret if you are uncertain about which type of outpatient drug rehab program is best for you. An addiction treatment specialist will evaluate you and help you come up with a plan.

    Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    MAT or medication-assisted treatment is a proven method that involves the use of prescribed medications that help address opioid and alcohol addiction. 

    These medications, which may include drugs like methadone or buprenorphine, are combined with behavioral therapy and other treatment services.

    Aftercare Services

    Aftercare service may include therapy sessions, help finding a job, education, sober-living housing, and other relapse prevention services. These services very from center to center, but help support you after drug or alcohol rehab.

    Health Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment

    Health insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost for addiction treatment. Public plans like Medicare or Medicaid, as well as private health insurance plans, should provide some coverage. You’ll need to consult with the plan provider for details. 

    Individuals who do not have medical insurance should be aware that sponsored or free coverage is available. 

    In New Hampshire, call 211 to reach your local Doorway to treatment, maintained by the New Hampshire Alcohol and Drug Treatment Locator. You’ll get details about drug addiction evaluation, withdrawal management services, and more.

    Ark Behavioral Health Treatment Centers Near Keene, New Hampshire

    If you live in Keene, you can access substance use disorder treatment at any of our facilities located in Massachusetts.

    At Ark Behavioral Health, we maintain and operate four treatment centers:

    To learn more about the treatment options provided in our treatment centers, please connect with our helpline today.

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