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  • For those of you who struggle with substance abuse or alcohol addiction, a 12-step support group can prevent further drug abuse. If you’re serious about addiction recovery, you can find local 12-step groups in your area

    Once you’ve recognized your drug addiction, it’s important to consider substance abuse treatment or find the right 12-step recovery program for you.

    Searching for a twelve-step program is easy. With quick internet access and even 24/7 hotlines and helplines available, you have multiple options at your fingertips.  

    How To Search For Local Recovery Groups

    To get started, you can search the internet for local group meetings. From there, you’ll want to find hotline phone numbers you can call. 

    You’ll then be able to speak with health care professionals who can help you find a recovery community and point you in the direction of local 12-step programs. There are many 12-step groups and self-help groups you can participate in. 

    Simply research the group in your area (like Alcoholics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery), find one that offers the addiction program you seek, and contact the group or check the website for local meeting places and times. 

    Types Of Twelve-Step Programs

    When people think of 12-step programs, many may think of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are beneficial for those who have struggled with alcohol abuse and seek layered, detailed steps in order to maintain sobriety. 

    These meetings, as well as NA meetings, allow the person to find comfort around those who have dealt with similar addictions.

    In addition to these support meetings, there are other groups that may better fit your needs such as:

    You can also find programs for gambling and other addictive behaviors. Those who prefer a secular approach may appreciate SMART recovery, which is a non-12-step program. 

    Support Groups For Family & Friends

    A version of Alcoholics Anonymous, Alateen, gives focus to younger people affected by drug abuse and addiction.

    Moreover, there is Al-Anon, a group for people who are worried about someone in their life who has a drinking problem. Nar-Anon is a 12-step program for the family and friends of those who have a substance abuse problem.

    Even more 12-step approaches are available such as Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), which provides help and guidance for those who have alcoholic parents or other relatives. 

    Find Support Today

    If you or a loved one struggles with substance use, a wide-range of treatment programs are available, including both inpatient and outpatient care.

    For more information on our addiction treatment centers and additional treatment services, please connect with our helpline today.

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