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  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a support group for drug addiction. NA is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in the way that both groups offer support group meetings as well as 12-step programs for living clean. 

    For those of you interested in accessing virtual NA meetings, you’ll need to visit their website and take a look. There, you’ll discover a variety of meetings and even a meeting list

    You can meet by phone, online, or have in-person meetings as well. Whatever the case may be, know that you are never alone and there are always resources available.

    Getting Started With Virtual NA

    Visit https://virtual-na.org/meetings/ and take a look at the virtual resources that include virtual meetings, phone meetings, and online meetings. 

    If you feel more comfortable speaking with someone by phone or online, NA has no problem with that. Contact their helpline for more information and to speak with a professional.

    Once on the website, you’ll want to find an online or phone meeting available to you. As you browse the site, you’ll notice that there are a variety of meetings to choose from, such as:

    • women’s meetings
    • ​men’s meetings
    • ​step meetings (meetings that examine the 12-steps)
    • agnostic meetings
    • LGBT meetings
    • young people meetings

    Meeting Times

    In addition to this, you can select the meeting time of your choosing, making it more convenient for you. For instance, select a Friday night or Saturday night to stay at home and attend a virtual meeting. 

    Since Friday and Saturday nights can sometimes be referred to as “party nights,” these may be the best nights for you to choose to attend a meeting. 

    Meeting Formats & Zoom Basics

    You should also know that not all meetings will be the same. Depending on the meetings you attend, you may have a meeting format that you’re unfamiliar with. However, most virtual meetings will continue to follow the basic text of the 12-step programs.

    Download Zoom

    First, you’ll need to download Zoom. Before your first meeting, you’ll want to learn the basics of Zoom in order to be prepared for your recovery meetings. 

    Zoom ID/Passcode

    To help with anonymity, you may be required to enter a specific Zoom id or passcode for your Zoom meeting. Your meeting id will allow you to enter specific virtual meetings. 

    Support For Addiction Recovery

    With addiction recovery, your primary purpose should be to live a clean and serene life. No matter what, support groups and treatment centers can help you start your new beginning. To learn about our treatment options, please connect with us today.

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    Narcotics Anonymous - Find A Meeting
    Narcotics Anonymous - Local Virtual NA Meetings

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