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  • How To Find A Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Near You

    How To Find A Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Near You

    Narcotics Anonymous is like Alcoholics Anonymous but for people dealing with a drug problem. That being said, it isn’t restricted to only drugs. Anyone struggling with addiction can attend.

    Meetings take place all over the world and finding one can be as easy as searching your address online. With how widespread Narcotics Anonymous meetings are, you’re sure to find one near you.

    Narcotics Anonymous

    Narcotics Anonymous is a nonprofit organization that was first established in response to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Whereas AA is mostly for those struggling with alcohol, NA is for those recovering from drug addiction. 

    However, in recent years, NA has become open to all addictions including alcohol. Their primary purpose is to spread their message to anyone suffering from addiction.

    Like AA, NA is a 12-step program where group members use the principles of the 12 steps to support each other on the road towards recovery. 

    Similar to AA, NA also has a book they use to guide members on recovery efforts. It’s simply called the Basic Text.

    How To Find An NA Meeting

    Whether you’re going to an NA meeting on your own or as part of your outpatient care, finding a Narcotics Anonymous meeting is pretty easy. NA provides a website, NA World Services (NAWS), that allows you to put in your country, state, and address to find a meeting near you.

    You can also select what language you prefer the meeting to be in and choose the format of the meeting. If you want to only search for virtual meetings that are online via Zoom or Skype, you can do that as well.

    Whether in person or virtual, once you find a meeting near you, the meeting schedule is provided so you know when and where they take place.

    What To Expect At Your First Meeting

    What happens at NA support group meetings all depends on the type of meeting you go to. There are open meetings where anyone, including family and friends, is allowed to sit in. There are also closed meetings that are only open to those needing help with addiction. 

    Besides open and closed meetings, there are meetings that include literature studies where you cover one or two topics from the Basic Text, as well as all-women meetings, meetings for LGBT+ members, newcomer meetings, and children welcome meetings.

    As a newcomer, you might be asked to introduce yourself. The only real rules are that no drugs or paraphernalia are allowed and talking over one another is discouraged. Phones should also be turned off during the meeting time.

    If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse or addiction, find an NA meeting or call our helpline to learn about our treatment options.

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