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  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Literature | Booklets, Books, & Pamphlets

    The Literature Of Narcotics Anonymous

    When it first began, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) became the answer for many people struggling with drug addiction who couldn’t go to Alcoholics Anonymous. Now, like Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS), it accepts anyone with addiction issues.

    While NA is very much about the meetings and bringing people together, they’ve also created a collection of published Narcotics Anonymous literature to help spread their message and teach new members.

    Most of the NA literature is available to purchase at bookstores or online, but it’s also accessible for free on many NA websites, including NA World Services.

    Basic Text

    The Basic Text of is the primary piece of recovery literature for the organization and meant to be a textbook for NA members seeking recovery in the program. 

    The first section of the book includes ten chapters covering the fundamentals of recovery and includes an essay for each of the 12 steps and traditions. 

    The second half of the book, Our Members Share, includes personal stories from those who have been in recovery for a while. 

    More specifically, the book includes the following sections:

    • Who Is an Addict?
    • What Is the Narcotics Anonymous Program?
    • Why Are We Here?
    • How It Works, which includes a section about each of the Twelve Steps of N.A.
    • What Can I Do?
    • The Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous
    • Recovery and Relapse
    • We Do Recover
    • Just for Today: Living the Program
    • More Will Be Revealed
    • Personal Stories

    White Booklet

    The White Booklet is an introductory guide to the NA program and contains the essentials needed for recovery. 

    It contains the twelve steps of recovery, the twelve traditions of NA, a few Just for Today mantras, and a selection of personal stories about people who have been in the program. It’s recommended for anyone starting their recovery journey and working on staying clean.

    It Works: How And Why

    It Works: How and Why is a companion piece to the NA Basic Text and includes more in-depth essays on the 12 steps and  traditions. 

    Each of the 24 sections contains the experience of members, offers insight on each step and tradition, and includes a section on demystifying the principles of life in recovery.

    Just For Today

    Just for Today contains 366 daily meditations that relate back to sections from the Basic Text. Just for Today gives those struggling with addiction a daily mantra or piece of encouragement for self support as they continue on the road to recovery.

    Group Booklet

    The Group Booklet covers everything about NA groups including who can be a member, where meetings can be held, different formats of meetings, the other literature that’s available, and how the group can serve the community.

    This booklet also gives people ideas on how to start and run their own NA group if they don’t have regular NA meetings in their community.

    Informational Pamphlets

    Narcotics Anonymous also has a bunch of information pamphlets (IPs) for those looking for more info on specific parts of recovery. Some of the pamphlets include:

    • Recovery & Relapse
    • Living the Program 
    • Sponsorship
    • The Triangle of Self-Obsession 
    • By Young Addicts
    • One Addict’s Experience 
    • Self-Acceptance    
    • The Loner
    • Staying Clean on the Outside
    • Accessibility
    • Funding NA Services
    • Mental Health in Recovery

    If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, call our helpline today. 

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    Narcotics Anonymous - NA White Booklet
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