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  • List Of 12-Step Programs & Fellowships

    List Of 12-Step Programs & Fellowships

    If you or a loved one has struggled with alcohol, you’ve probably heard of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

    Founded in 1935, this program encourages members to follow 12 steps to recover from alcohol abuse. It also offers 12-step meetings (also called “fellowships”), where AA members share their experiences with each other. 

    Over the years, the 12 steps of AA have been adapted for other recovery programs, which focus on a variety of drug addictions and other mental health concerns.  

    What Are The 12 Steps?

    The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are:

    1. admit that you’re powerless over alcohol
    2. trust that a higher power can help you recover from your alcohol problem
    3. recognize that you cannot recover from your alcohol problem without help from your higher power
    4. identify how your alcohol problem has affected you and those around you
    5. admit your mistakes to your higher power and another person
    6. accept your character defects and become willing to let them go
    7. ask a higher power to help you overcome your character defects
    8. make a list of people you have harmed
    9. make amends with the people you have harmed
    10. continue to admit your mistakes and make amends for them
    11. ask your higher power to help you understand and achieve your life goals
    12. continue to practice what you have learned and share it with other people affected by alcohol abuse

    Other 12-step programs adapt these steps for their specific purposes. For example, in a 12-step program for people who compulsively gamble, all mentions of alcohol would be replaced with mentions of gambling. 

    How Many 12-Step Programs Are There?

    There are about 50 programs that have adapted the 12 steps of AA. There are also several programs that are inspired by AA but don’t follow the 12 steps exactly

    Most 12-step groups fall under one of the following categories: substance abuse, mental and emotional health, eating disorders, sex and love, gambling, gaming, finances, family support, and religious and cultural programs. 

    Substance Abuse Programs

    These programs help people recover from substance abuse and addiction:

    Mental & Emotional Health Programs

    These programs help people recover from mental and emotional health problems:

    Eating Disorder Programs

    These programs help people recover from eating disorders:

    Sex & Love Programs

    These programs help people recover from compulsive sexual and love-related behaviors:

    Gambling Programs

    These programs help people recover from compulsive gambling:

    Gaming Programs

    These programs help people recover from compulsive gaming:

    Finance Programs

    These programs help people manage their finances better:

    Family Support Programs

    These programs support family members affected by a loved one’s addiction or other unhealthy behavior:

    Religious & Cultural Programs

    These programs adapt the 12 steps to support people from specific religions or cultures. Many of them don’t follow the 12 steps exactly but are still inspired by AA: 

    Other Programs

    Other 12-step programs that don’t fall under the other categories include:

    If you or someone you love struggles with substance abuse, please contact an Ark Behavioral Health specialist. Our addiction treatment centers offer a variety of recovery-focused services, including 12-step support groups.

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