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  • 7 Reasons To Call An Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline

    The Alcoholics Anonymous Hotline | 7 Reasons To Call

    If you struggle with substance use or alcohol addiction, you can always call the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) hotline. The AA hotline can connect you to trained professionals who can assist you with a variety of issues.

    Alcoholics Anonymous has a 24/7 toll-free hotline that you may need to call at some point during your life. Whether you’ve personally been affected by alcohol or you’ve seen a loved one struggle with substance use, the 24-hour hotline can be a guide on your journey.

    Here are seven reasons why you might need to call the Alcoholics Anonymous hotline.

    1. You Have The Desire To Drink

    AA members who attend AA meetings may have acknowledged their drinking problem and be on the road to recovery. Even still, there is the potential for relapse if the person develops the desire to drink. 

    If you’ve had a difficult day or experienced trauma, you may have the urge to pick up the bottle. Instead, consider contacting the hotline to speak with someone who can help.

    2. You Suspect A Loved One Has A Drinking Problem

    Even if you’ve never had a drink of alcohol over the course of your entire life, you still might have the need to contact the AA hotline. If you suspect a friend or family member might be partaking in alcohol abuse, you may be concerned or have questions.

    This is when the hotline can be of service to you. Another great resource is Al-Anon family groups, a group of people who are worried about someone with a drinking problem.

    3. Your Mental Health Is Suffering

    Drug and alcohol misuse can cause depression. Since addiction affects your mental health, it’s important to recognize when you have suicidal ideations. 

    If you ever experience thoughts of suicide, immediately contact the AA hotline or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. You can discuss your thoughts with trained professionals who can help. 

    4. You’re Searching For A Meeting

    If you’ve moved to a new city or you’re simply looking for an AA meeting in your area, you can contact the AA hotline for information. They can inform you of online meetings, in-person meetings, and specific phone numbers to call in your area.

    5. Your Sponsor Is Unavailable

    If you’re an AA member, chances are you have a sponsor or accountability partner to help assist you when you have the desire to drink. 

    If your sponsor is unavailable, for whatever reason, you can always call the national helpline to talk through your emotions and speak to someone who truly understands.

    6. You Suspect You Have A Drinking Problem

    Whether you have a few drinks on the weekend or have noticed that you’re always thinking about having a drink, you may suspect you have a problem. When this realization occurs, it can be quite jarring. 

    Because of this, we recommend that you call a hotline to speak with a person who can help answer your immediate questions and discuss your options moving forward. Specialists can give you information regarding treatment providers and treatment facilities.

    7. You Want To Volunteer

    Whether your life has been affected by alcohol abuse or you simply have a passion to help others, consider volunteering to assist with the hotline. 

    You may have seen firsthand the damage alcohol can cause and want to help. 

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