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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept UnitedHealthcare Insurance

Published on March 11, 2021
Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept UnitedHealthcare Insurance

UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. They offer a wide range of health insurance plans including private options as well as health insurance on the ACA marketplace. Their insurance policies can cover addiction treatment

Insurance Companies That Cover Alcohol And Drug Rehab

How To Determine UnitedHealthcare Insurance Benefits For Substance Abuse Treatment

There are some quick steps anyone can take to find out their insurance coverage for addiction treatment programs:

  • dial the number on the back of the insurance card
  • contact an insurance provider directly 
  • reach out to a treatment center
  • read about insurance coverage plans

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Detoxification Programs?

Withdrawal is one of the most difficult parts of recovery. This level of care is often covered by a UnitedHealthcare policy. A medical detox program supports people while their bodies break the initial chemical dependency of alcohol or drug addiction. 

Learn more about Medical Detox Programs

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

These treatment facilities offer 24-hour support. They often have their therapies and treatment services in group settings. UnitedHealthcare has insurance options for this level of treatment. Inpatient treatment programs often last from 30 days to six months or more. 

Learn more about Inpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient services are a type of addiction treatment often used by people who are already further along in their recovery. Insurance plans offer policies that can help with this treatment option

Learn more about Outpatient Drug And Alcohol Rehab Programs

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

This type of care typically meets for 3 days out of the week. The treatment plans offered by this program include both medical and therapeutic care. Insurance plans often cover part of the cost of this treatment

Learn more about Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

A PHP is a type of outpatient addiction treatment that offers robust treatments on a flexible schedule. This type of care meets 5 days per week and often includes mental health care in a hospital setting. Health insurance from UnitedHealthcare can help with these costs

Learn more about Partial Hospitalization Programs

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment?

Opioid addictions can have intense symptoms which can be safely managed with medications. UnitedHealthcare plans can help with this treatment.

Learn more about Opioid Addiction Treatment Programs 

Does UnitedHealthcare Insurance Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

MAT is a common type of addiction treatment for people struggling with alcohol addiction. Health insurance can help with the cost of this alcohol treatment. MAT uses medication to help people manage the symptoms of addiction. 

Learn more about Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Where Are UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plans Available?

This insurance provider operates in many states. Here’s just a few of the places where you can use their insurance:

Types Of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plans

UnitedHealthcare offers all of the most common types of health insurance coverage, from PPO to HMO plans. Their coverages also include options for addiction treatment. Here’s the overview of their programs. 

Individual & Family Plans

These plans cover all of the insurance basics. You’ll be able to pick from different levels of care that feature different costs. Some plans have higher payments, but lower co-pays and deductibles. 

ACA Plans

These are their plans that appear on the ACA marketplace. These plans are only available during enrollment periods. 

Medicare & Medicaid

UnitedHealthcare offers insurance options for people who qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. These programs are designed to supplement these types of coverage. 

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (DSNP)

These are health insurance plans that are for people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid at the same time. They combine both types of coverage for my expansive care. 

Verify Your Insurance Coverage Today

If you or a loved one lives with a substance use disorder, you might be able to use your health insurance to help cover the cost of treatment. Your insurance can lower your costs to just your deductibles, co-insurance fees, and other costs.

Get in touch with a representative from Ark Behavioral Health today to learn more about how you can use health insurance to help afford addiction treatment.

Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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