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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Medical Mutual Insurance

Published on April 9, 2021
Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers That Accept Medical Mutual Insurance

When a loved one struggles with substance use disorder, one of the best things to do is to support them as they look for a drug rehab facility. Medical Mutual provides a few insurance coverage options for care at an addiction treatment center. 

How To Determine Medical Mutual Benefits For Substance Abuse Treatment

Determining how to use a health insurance plan for addiction treatment services is a vital first step in recovery. Here’s how to find out what your insurance plan covers:

  • look the phone number on the back of your insurance card 
  • contact your insurance company directly 
  • read about your plan and see if it covers behavioral health 
  • contact a drug or alcohol rehab facility and ask about insurance validation 

Does Medical Mutual Cover Detoxification Programs?

A detox program is the core of recovery and as such is often covered by an insurance policy. However, the amount of coverage for a detox program will likely depend on medical needs for withdrawal.

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Does Medical Mutual Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient treatment is often set in a residential treatment facility that has a focus on peer-support and group therapy. Medical mutual coverage may include health plans that make this type of treatment more affordable.  

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Does Medical Mutual Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

General outpatient treatment plans are effective for people further along in their recovery. This type of treatment allows an individual to schedule their treatment sessions as well as maintain social support groups. 

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Does Medical Mutual Cover Intensive Outpatient Programs?

This type of outpatient service is more commonly known as an IOP. IOPs meet three days each week and are often covered by insurance. These treatment programs help bridge the gap between general outpatient treatment and residential treatment. 

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Does Medical Mutual Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

The goal of a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is to provide an inpatient level of care while still helping people have access to flexible treatment scheduling. Insurance providers can offer coverage for these types of drug rehab programs. 

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Does Medical Mutual Cover Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment?

Medications such as methadone and Suboxone are used to help people with opioid use disorder. This treatment option may be covered by Medical Mutual but likely depends on if the treatment provider is “in-network” with your plan. 

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Does Medical Mutual Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

Long-term alcohol abuse can have serious symptoms that may require medication to help with dependence and withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for alcohol use disorder may be covered by Medical Mutual.

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Where Are Medical Mutual Insurance Plans Available?

Medical Mutual is tapped into a country-wide network of healthcare providers. Their coverage options are based primarily in the state of Ohio. 

Types Of Medical Mutual Insurance Plans

There are many different types of Medical Mutual Insurance plans. These can be found both privately through their website as well as through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance marketplace. Certain plans are only available through the ACA exchange. 

Copay Plans

These plans offer more predictable costs by giving you a higher monthly premium in exchange for regular copay costs. 

High Deductible Plans

These plans feature lower monthly premiums, but tend to have higher deductibles. This means that while monthly costs are lower, out-of-pocket prices might be higher than with other plans. 

Medicare Supplement

This coverage option is designed to offer supplemental coverage for Medicare recipients. 


Short-term health insurance is designed to cover gaps in existing coverage plans. This can be while an individual waits for the next open enrollment period or while between jobs. 

Verifying Your Coverage For Addiction Treatment

The overall cost of a drug rehab program can be lowered with the right health insurance plan. Factors like in-network providers, the cost of copays, and how high the deductible is all relate to these costs. 

The quickest way to find out how much an insurance plan can help is to reach out to a treatment center. To learn more about your coverage, contact us today with your insurance information ready.

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Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
This page does not provide medical advice.

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