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Can You Vape Meth? | Dangers Of Meth Vape

Published on January 18, 2021
Can you vape meth? Dangers of meth vape and vaping meth

Methamphetamine, also known as meth, can be vaped. Meth powder or pills can be crushed and mixed into vape liquid, which can then be inhaled through a pen.

Most vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are not made for meth use. However, mixing illicit drugs into vape liquids is an increasingly popular form of substance abuse.

What Is Vaping?

The introduction of vape pens into the nicotine market greatly increased the popularity of electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs). Vape pens produce aerosol by quickly heating the liquid inside, which is then inhaled. 

This liquid, known as e-liquid or vape juice, contains nicotine and is often flavored to increase its appeal.

Vape pens are a popular cigarette product with young people in the United States. Vape products can even be marketed towards middle and high school students, using flavored vape liquids and youth-friendly advertising. Vapes contain nicotine, but are usually not produced with other drugs.

Mixing Meth With Vape Juice

Some studies have noticed a recent trend of mixing illicit drugs into vaping devices. Illicit drugs that have been mixed into vapes include THC and CBD (two main ingredients in cannabis, which is legal in some states), heroin, and meth.

It can be relatively easy to mix meth with e-liquids. Meth usually comes in a powder, a pill, or a solid crystal (crystal meth). These can be crushed up, put into vape juice, and then smoked. This way to smoke meth can be appealing because it combines meth with nicotine.

Meth affects neurotransmitters in your brain, leading to a high when smoked. Drug users on meth often experience increased alertness, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Nicotine is a depressant that slows brain activity. Meth and nicotine may counteract each other when taken together, or lead to a more pleasant “high.”

Risks Of Vaping Meth

Vaping is still a relatively new form of drug use, and its exact pharmacology has not been fully studied. However, vaping is not completely safe, especially when mixed with meth.

Many severe lung injuries have been reported in vapers over the years. Some of these have been fatal, and while the exact cause could not be determined, heavy vape use has been suspected in these cases.

Vaping Meth Vs. Other Forms of Meth Use

Nicotine and meth are both habit-forming. Dependence on both of these substances can happen when vaping meth, which can cause a number of long-term health effects. Chronic meth use can be harmful to your physical and mental health.

Side effects of long-term meth use include sleep deprivation, tooth and gum damage, hallucinations, and memory loss. These can happen whether meth is vaped, snorted, or injected.

Treating Meth Abuse

Most forms of methamphetamine are illegal, and its highly potent nature can cause many health risks. Meth abuse comes in many forms other than vaping. You, a loved one, or even your child may be at risk if they vape.

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Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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