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Wilmington Manor, Delaware Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Published on May 26, 2021
Wilmington Manor, Delaware Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

If you or a loved one lives with addiction in Delaware, you’re not alone. Many people in Wilmington Manor are managing substance use disorder. Thankfully, New Castle County offers several substance abuse treatment options.

Find Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs In Delaware

Substance Abuse Treatment In Wilmington Manor, Delaware

In Delaware, the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health is responsible for overseeing addiction treatment and mental health services organizations.

You can learn more about addiction treatment in Wilmington Manor by:

Wilmington Manor Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

As you begin searching for addiction treatment services, you’ll want to choose a treatment plan that makes sense for your needs. Here, we’ll explore different treatment plan levels.

Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

Detoxification can be a difficult process, but working with a qualified alcohol and drug detox team can help. During detox, you’ll be kept as safe and comfortable as possible as your mind and body prepare for long-term recovery.

Inpatient/Residential Drug Rehab

Residential treatment offers clients the opportunity to take a break from the stressors and triggers of day-to-day life that can make it hard to stay in recovery. 

Many inpatient rehab centers offer dual diagnosis treatment for clients who have mental health disorders in addition to substance use disorder.

Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) can provide you with the treatment you need while still allowing you to return home at the end of the day.

Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

If you’re living with a drug or alcohol addiction, your doctor may talk with you about how medication-assisted treatment can help. 

Medication-assisted treatment works to combine medication with behavioral therapy to help you overcome issues that may hinder your recovery from opioid or alcohol addiction.


After successful completion of your rehab program, you may enter sober-living, utilize 12-step programs, continue with individual therapy, or take part in other activities to ensure the continuation of your sobriety.

Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Wilmington Manor, Delaware

You may be able to use your health insurance plan (including Medicaid/Medicare) to pay for your treatment.

To learn more about your healthcare insurance coverage:

  • reach out to your insurance company directly
  • call the rehab center you’re considering (you may want to ask about whether they’re a non-profit center, or if they offer services on a sliding fee scale)
  • read your insurance plan policy online

Delaware also offers state-funded rehab options for those who do not have health insurance.

Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

At Ark Behavioral Health, we’re proud of you for learning more about recovery programs. We invite you to reach out to our helpline to learn more about our addiction treatment services.

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