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    Westport, Connecticut Addiction Treatment Services

    There are over 100 different drug and alcohol rehab facilities within a 25-mile radius of Westport, Connecticut, and even more throughout Fairfield County. Many of these drug rehab centers offer different levels of care, which ensures treatment that fits individual needs.

    If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol or drug addiction, learning about the services available near you is a great place to start.

    Substance Abuse Treatment In Westport, Connecticut

    Connecticut’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) is the primary agency that coordinates and oversees addiction treatment services all over the state, including in Westport. To find more information about treatment near you, you can:

    Westport Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

    The rehab centers in Westport provide a variety of treatment services. What ends up being a part of your treatment plan depends on the results of the assessment you go through when you enter treatment. Your plan could include:

    • medical detoxification
    • inpatient/residential treatment
    • outpatient treatment
    • medication-assisted treatment
    • dual-diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders
    • aftercare

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox

    After an assessment, one of the first parts of addiction treatment you might go through is a medical detox program. To help make the withdrawal process easier and safer, healthcare professionals watch over you as you experience symptoms and stabilize. 

    Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

    With inpatient rehab, you have access to behavioral therapy, group therapy, and dual-diagnosis treatment in case any mental illnesses need to be treated while you’re in addiction treatment.

    Inpatient treatment also means you stay at the facility. You don’t go home until treatment is completed which usually takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient rehab offers similar services as inpatient care except instead of staying at the treatment center, you’re able to go home after each session.

    The two main outpatient treatment programs provided at most treatment centers include intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). Both offer a variety of mental health services like counseling and therapy.

    Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Opioid and alcohol treatment programs are unique from others in that they often include medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

    With MAT, medical professionals prescribe you specific medication that eases cravings and helps the mind and body recover from the effects of substance use.

    The medications that may be used include buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone.


    You don’t have to lose the support system you gained in treatment just because you graduated. Aftercare support offers services like sober-living houses, employment assistance, and 12-step support meetings. This type of support can make the weeks after treatment a little easier.

    Using Health Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Westport, Connecticut

    When going to addiction treatment, it’s important to find out if your insurance covers it or not. Fortunately, most private insurance and Medicare/Medicaid cover at least a portion of rehab. To find out if your insurance covers treatment, you can:

    • call the number on the back of your insurance card and discuss benefits with a representative
    • contact treatment facilities to find out if they accept your insurance
    • review your insurance policy documents to learn more about your benefits and what they cover

    If you’re uninsured, DMHAS works to help those who need financial assistance. They can also let you know about state-funded treatment centers and programs with sliding fee scales.

    Learn more about Healthcare Insurance

    Addiction Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

    Ark Behavioral Health knows that a treatment that works for one person may not work for everyone. That’s why we offer many levels of care at our New England treatment centers.

    For information on our substance abuse treatment programs, please call our helpline today.

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