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  • Drug and alcohol addiction is an issue throughout the United States, even in relatively small cities such as Stamford, Connecticut. 

    If you or a loved one are struggling with drug abuse, it’s imperative that you access professional treatment services as soon as possible to avoid overdose and other serious health complications.

    In Stamford alone, 44 individuals have died from opioid-related overdose between 2015 and 2018, according to a report from the Stamford Advocate. This highlights the need for detoxification and professional treatment at a drug rehab center.

    How To Find & Choose Addiction Treatment In Stamford

    Residents of Stamford should know that the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is responsible for overseeing addiction treatment. 

    This resource is a good place to get started if you or a loved one is currently in need of low-cost addiction treatment. 

    Other ways to find alcohol or drug rehab facilities include:

    Here are five options to consider as you evaluate treatment centers to find the most appropriate one for your situation:

    • accreditation: Make sure that the rehab program is fully accredited for providing substance abuse treatment in a safe and nurturing environment
    • treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders: Some people struggling with addiction have a dual diagnosis of a co-occurring mental health issue, which requires integrated or multidisciplinary care.
    • evidence-based services: These treatment services, like behavioral therapy, are based on scientific evidence, with results published in peer-reviewed medical journals.
    • family involvement: With your loved ones involved, such as participating in group therapy sessions, you will have a more solid foundation for sobriety.
    • individualized treatment plans: Since no two patients have identical issues or backgrounds, customized, individual plans should be offered in the recovery program.

    You’ll do much better in addiction treatment in Stamford if you write a list of your personal treatment goals before getting started. 

    Stamford Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    A range of drug and alcohol rehab programs are available to Stamford. When you speak with an intake professional, you’ll get insight into the most appropriate type of treatment for your circumstances, which may include any of the following.

    Medical Drug & Alcohol Detox Programs

    Some withdrawal symptoms have the potential to be dangerous when you abruptly stop use. Be prepared that the medical professionals evaluating you for treatment may determine you should undergo drug and/or alcohol detoxification before primary treatment can begin. 

    This will be done under direct medical supervision, and helps provide medical advice and prepare you for drug rehab at a treatment facility.

    Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

    Residential or inpatient treatment programs allows you to stay with other people in recovery. This helps you learn from and connect with peers on a similar journey.  

    You’ll also be away from familiar temptations of home and can focus on getting well. Treatment services range, but likely include some combination of behavioral therapy, group counseling, peer support, and recreational activities.

    Outpatient Drug Rehab

    If your situation warrants, outpatient treatment may be the better option. You’ll continue to live at home but will participate in ongoing treatment, such as therapy sessions and support like Alcoholics Anonymous. 

    Individuals who cannot break their commitments to a job or college may find an outpatient program works well with their lifestyle and personal goals for recovery.

    Opioid & Alcohol Treatment Programs

    Under a physician’s care, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is designed for opioid and alcohol use disorders. 

    MAT programs involve the use of medicines, including disulfiram or methadone, to reduce cravings, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms. You will also participate in behavioral therapy, peer support groups, and other treatment services.

    Aftercare Support

    When you finish addiction treatment, how will you stay on the straight and narrow road? This is where aftercare support can help. 

    Aftercare measures include ongoing counseling, help from a case manager, assistance in sourcing vocational training, a resume-writing service, or transitional housing.

    Using Healthcare Insurance For Addiction Treatment In Stamford

    All people covered by medical insurance are covered for addiction treatment in Stamford, since it is a medically required process. It helps to know if your insurance plan is a Medicaid plan, Medicare plan, or a plan offered by commercial insurance.

    Here are some other tips to help you get started:

    • call a recovery program and ask about insurance coverage
    • call the number on the back of your healthcare insurance card
    • become familiar with details of coverage, including co-payments, using in-network providers, deductibles, and pre-authorization requirements for services
    • speak with someone in your company’s HR department

    Stamford Drug & Alcohol Addiction Facts

    In Stamford and throughout the state of Connecticut, there is plenty of evidence of the deadly opioid epidemic. 

    Consider some substance abuse facts collected from this area:

    • 44 people have died of opioid overdoses between the years 2015 and 2018, according to a report from the Stamford Advocate.
    • Out of the 948 deaths attributed to opioid abuse in Connecticut in 2018, use of heroin accounted for 231 fatalities while prescription drugs represented 338 of them.
    • The number of opioid prescriptions written by doctors for patients in Connecticut was 43.0 per every 100 people, while the rate in the United States is 51.4 per every 100 people.
    • Synthetic opioids aside from methadone, consisting mostly of fentanyl and fentanyl-related drugs, caused 767 deaths in 2018.
    • 9.7 cases out of every 1,000 hospital births in Connecticut were diagnosed as having Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)/Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS), a complication stemming from women using opioids while pregnant.

    Substance Abuse Treatment At Ark Behavioral Health

    When it comes to addiction treatment, there is no time to wait. There are three Ark Behavioral Health treatment centers within driving distance of Stamford:

    • Bedrock Recovery Center in Canton, Massachusetts (157 miles from Stamford) features medical detox and inpatient/ residential treatment. 
    • Northeast Addictions Treatment Center in Quincy, Massachusetts (161 miles from Stamford) features intensive outpatient programs and family group/individual therapies.
    • Spring Hill in Ashby, Massachusetts (147 miles from Stamford) offers evidence-based therapies and residential treatment.

    To learn more about our rehab programs, please contact us today.

    Stamford, Connecticut Addiction Treatment FAQ

    How Do I Access Treatment In Stamford?

    Contact an inpatient or outpatient treatment program provider. You will speak with a professional intake specialist who will then help you find a suitable location. 

    You can call LiveLOUD at 1-800-563-4086, a helpline that provides information about opioid use disorder.

    What Does Addiction Treatment Look Like In Stamford?

    The nature and severity of your addiction and personal history will affect how you will be treated. Typically you will be evaluated by a medical professional and will participate in individual or group therapy sessions. 

    You’ll learn life skills and how to avoid situations that would encourage returning to substance abuse. You may undergo detox before the main recovery program begins.

    Does Healthcare Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment In Stamford?

    Yes. Since drug addiction requires medical intervention and is an essential health need, your insurance should cover some of the cost. However, consult your plan for details.

    Can I Go To Drug Rehab In Stamford Without Insurance?

    Even if you lack insurance, that is no barrier to getting the drug rehab treatment required to restore your health and sobriety. Speak with the person doing your intake to get details on obtaining free, low-cost, or subsidized treatment in Connecticut.

    Are There Walk-In Opioid Clinics In Stamford?

    There is one walk-in opioid clinic in Stamford, according to the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

    Are There Free Or State-Funded Rehab Centers In Stamford?

    Money is not a factor if you are indigent and require either free or state-funded help in getting rehab services in Stamford. Contact the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to learn more.

    What Kind Of Addiction Treatment Is Best?

    There’s no single answer as to the best type of treatment for drug addiction. You’ll be evaluated by a medical professional who can help determine if inpatient or outpatient treatment is the best for you.

    How Long Does Drug Rehab Last?

    You may expect to spend 30 days or more in treatment, especially if you enroll in a residential/inpatient treatment center. However, treatment length is determined by your individual needs.

    Where Are Your Treatment Centers Located?

    Ark Behavioral Health has treatment centers throughout Massachusetts in Canton, Quincy, Falmouth, and Ashby.

    Written by Ark Behavioral Health Editorial Team
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