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  • Effects & Dangers Of Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills

    Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills

    Orange Tesla ecstasy pills are orange, shaped like a shield with the Tesla logo on them, and contain 3,4 methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA/ecstasy). These pills are often found at music festivals or raves.

    While the recreational drug is a stimulant and hallucinogen like normal ecstasy/molly, Tesla pills are much stronger and can contain at least 240mg of MDMA at their most potent. The pills also glow in the dark when put under a black light and some are even covered in purple glitter.

    Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills
    Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pill
    Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills

    Because of their potency, orange Tesla pills can be very dangerous. The danger increases, even more, when the pills are mixed with other drugs like diet pills, heroin, cocaine, and PCP.

    While orange Tesla ecstasy is not as well known as other illicit drugs, nonprofits like The Loop are committed to drug safety awareness and spreading the word about the dangers of this drug.

    Effects Of Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills

    Orange Tesla ecstasy pills come with several side effects. Besides the euphoria and excitement of ecstasy, orange Tesla pills can also lead to a number of physical and psychological adverse effects.

    The physical side effects of these pills may include:

    • rapid heart rate
    • heart attack
    • muscle tension
    • increase in temperature
    • sweating
    • chills
    • blurred vision

    The psychological effects of orange Tesla pills can also include:

    • confusion
    • memory problems
    • depression
    • insomnia 
    • anxiety
    • irritability
    • changes in how you perceive sound, see colors, etc.
    • drug cravings

    Dangers Of Orange Tesla Ecstasy Pills

    Orange Tesla ecstasy pills also come with a number of dangers. If you use the illicit drug regularly, it may lead to severe health issues.

    Organ Damage

    One of the major side effects of ecstasy is an increase in body temperature. If you take a large dose, your temperature can increase so much that it can cause damage to many of your internal organs including your kidneys, heart, and liver. 

    If the damage is severe enough, your organs can fail which can be fatal.


    There is also an increased risk of an overdose when you use orange Tesla ecstasy pills. Why? Because it can take over 30 minutes to feel the full effect of the drug. People may become impatient and take more to try and feel something faster. That can easily lead to an overdose.

    An ecstasy overdose can include any of the following symptoms:

    • abnormal heart rate and rhythm
    • hyperthermia
    • muscle breakdown
    • seizures
    • uncontrolled body movements.
    • confusion 
    • anxiety and paranoia
    • blurred vision
    • abdominal cramping
    • nausea and vomiting
    • increased blood pressure
    • urinary retention 

    Potency & Ingredients

    There is also the issue that you don’t exactly know what’s in the pill. The dose could be higher than expected. 

    Drug dealers could mix in other dangerous drugs like fentanyl, methamphetamine, dextromethorphan, or ketamine. That mixture could also lead to an overdose and be life-threatening. 

    Other Forms Of Ecstasy

    The orange Tesla model isn’t the only form of ecstasy with a brand name on it. Some have social media logos on them while others have logos from other car companies.

    Tesla ecstasy pills can also be found in different colors including pink, green, and blue. The pills all have different amounts of MDMA in them and can be mixed with many other substances.

    Blue Tesla Ecstasy Pills
    Green Tesla Ecstasy Pills
    Yellow Tesla Ecstasy Pills

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