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  • Cloud 9 | What Is This Dangerous Synthetic Drug?

    Cloud 9 vape juice oil - Cloud 9 | What Is This Dangerous Synthetic Drug?

    In recent years, synthetic (human-made drugs) have become increasingly popular, especially among teenagers and young adults. One of the most dangerous synthetic drugs is called cloud 9.

    A clear liquid with a fruity scent, cloud 9 poses serious health risks, including addiction and deadly overdose.

    What Is Cloud 9?

    Like other new synthetic drugs, cloud 9 consists of multiple ingredients. Its main ingredient is a compound called AB-PINACA. This substance is classified as a synthetic cannabinoid. That means it was created to mimic the effects of cannabis (marijuana)

    Cloud 9 also contains methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), which is a synthetic stimulant that’s ten times stronger than cocaine. 

    Additionally, the drug sometimes includes toxic chemicals from household items such as bath salts and air fresheners. 

    Along with cloud 9, other names for the drug include:

    • GWM
    • Herbal Bliss
    • Herbal X
    • Hookah Relax
    • Ivory Wave
    • Rave Energy
    • Ritual Spirit
    • Ultimate Xphoria

    How Do People Use Cloud 9?

    Many people who use cloud 9 smoke the drug in e-cigarettes or hookahs. Others place the liquid on their tongues or mix it with food or drinks. Some people also mix it with other drugs, especially marijuana, benzodiazepines, and prescription opioids

    Where Do People Get Cloud 9?

    According to law enforcement officials, most people get cloud 9 from convenience stores, gas stations, and smoke shops. It’s typically sold in vials or eyedropper bottles. 

    In most cases, these containers have no labels or ingredients listed. Other times, the drug is passed off as other products, including bath salts, incense, and potpourri.

    Dangers Of Cloud 9 Drugs

    Because it contains a synthetic cannabinoid, cloud 9 can cause cannabis-like effects, such as:

    • relaxation
    • euphoria (intense joy)
    • increased appetite
    • heightened senses, such as seeing brighter colors
    • altered sense of time
    • anxiety and panic

    The drug also has effects that resemble the effects of stimulants like cocaine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy. These effects may include:

    • increased energy, talkativeness, and confidence
    • emotional warmth
    • mood swings
    • panic attacks
    • irritability, aggression, and violent outbursts 
    • increased sex drive
    • increased body temperature and sweating
    • nausea and vomiting
    • chest pain
    • increased heart rate
    • high blood pressure

    Psychosis & Other Complications

    In addition, cloud 9 can cause psychosis. Psychosis is a temporary loss of connection with reality. 

    It can make you hallucinate, which means you see, hear, or feel things that aren’t there. You may also experience intense anxiety, delusions (extremely irrational beliefs), and paranoia (irrational distrust of others).

    Cloud 9 can also have life-threatening complications, including suicidal thoughts, seizures, strokes, and heart attacks. In 2014, public health officials in Macomb County, Michigan declared cloud 9 an imminent danger after multiple high school students were hospitalized after using the drug. 

    Is Cloud 9 Addictive?

    Many people who use cloud 9 report symptoms of drug addiction. This disease makes you feel unable to control your use of a drug. The most common symptoms are tolerance and physical dependence.

    Other symptoms of cloud 9 addiction may include:

    • mood swings
    • irritability
    • loss of motivation
    • isolation
    • decline in personal hygiene
    • secretive behavior
    • sudden change in friends
    • loss of interest in activities once enjoyed

    Treatment For Sythetic Drugs Abuse & Addiction

    If you or someone you love struggles with cloud 9 use, seek help at a substance abuse treatment program. These inpatient or outpatient programs offer a variety of services to help people stop using drugs and build healthy, fulfilling lives. 

    Both inpatient and outpatient programs offer treatments such as:

    • medical detox, where doctors help you stop using cloud 9 with minimal withdrawal symptoms
    • mental health counseling, where therapists help you manage drug cravings and any underlying mental health concerns that made you want to use cloud 9 in the first place
    • support groups, where you can share your experiences with other people recovering from drug abuse
    • aftercare planning, where you and your doctors plan strategies to promote your long-term recovery, such as ongoing therapy, exercise, meditation, and assistance with housing, education, or employment

    To learn more about treatment options for cloud 9 abuse, please reach out to an Ark Behavioral Health specialist. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs provide evidence-based services to help you or your loved one stay drug-free.

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