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  • Vodka Vs. Gin | What’s The Difference?

    Published on September 15, 2021
    Vodka Vs. Gin | What's The Difference?

    While vodka and gin may look the same, they differ in their taste, ingredients, how they’re served, and the amount of alcohol in each one. Although they differ, they share some similarities as well.


    Vodka is a neutral spirit. It doesn’t have a smell, a color, or much of a taste. It originally came from Russia but is now made around the world. It’s generally distilled from either grains or potatoes, but can be made from wheat, corn, rye, or even grapes. 

    It’s also one of the strongest drinks in the world with an average alcohol content of around 40%. But the ABV and the proof really depend on the brand of vodka. 


    Gin is also a neutral spirit, crafted from the fermentation and distillation of wheat or barley and also contains juniper berries.

    Juniper berries are the most prominent ingredient in almost every type of gin but they can also include things like botanicals and spices to change the flavor. Traditional plain gin has a strong pine taste. 

    The ABV must also be at least 37.5% but is certainly higher in some gins on the market.

    Types Of Gin

    Some of the most common types of gin include:

    • London dry gin: The most well-known style of gin and the most widely produced. With this type, the botanicals are added during the second or third distillation. 
    • Plymouth gin: This is a fruitier gin and must come from Plymouth, England to be labeled this. Currently, it’s only made in one distiller, the Plymouth Gin Distillery.
    • old tom gin: This gin is much sweeter than others but is thought to be of inferior quality. Bartenders often use it as a sweetener versus serving it on its own. 
    • navy strength gin: This type of gin needs to be at least 57% ABV to be called navy strength.
    • gin liqueurs: Gin liqueurs are less alcoholic and are made by infusing gin with fruits or herbs and then sweetened. They usually have an ABV of 37.5% or less.

    Vodka Vs. Gin: Differences

    Gin and vodka have quite a few differences which include:


    Gin is much more herbal in flavor while vodka, unless flavored, is normally tasteless. Since vodka is more water-based and gin is distilled with juniper berries, the taste is different.


    While both vodka and gin are made into fairly neutral spirits, gin must have juniper in it which vodka does not. 

    Vodka is made from a distillation of potatoes, rye, or wheat mixed with water and ethanol while gin is made from a distillation of malt or grain mixed with the juniper berries.

    How It’s served

    Vodka is best-served ice cold while gin doesn’t need to be.

    Additionally, while both are good for making popular cocktails, vodka is usually the choice of bartenders because of its lack of flavor.

    Vodka Vs. Gin: Similarities

    Vodka and gin also have a few things in common, including:


    Both vodka and gin are first fermented and then distilled. This distillation process takes place multiple times to remove as much of the flavor as possible and to filter out any impurities. 

    Then water is added to bring the spirit down to about 40% ABV. Other flavorings can be added after that.


    Both gin and vodka are completely clear spirits. Unless you smell or taste them, you likely can’t tell one from the other. 

    Alcohol Content

    Generally speaking, gin and vodka are bottled at around 60-80 proof which gives them an ABV between 30-40%. But this really depends on the brand. Some brands have higher or lower ABVs and proof depending on the process.


    As they both contain a good amount of alcohol, the negative effects vodka and gin can have on you are very similar. Some of those effects include:

    If you or a loved one struggles with excessive alcohol consumption, please call our helpline today to find the right treatment programs for you.

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