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  • Alcohol Addiction Hotlines | Confidential, Free, & Available 24/7

    Alcohol Addiction Hotlines | Confidential, Free, & Available 24/7

    If you or a loved one lives with alcohol addiction, substance use disorder, or a mental health problem, hotlines can be valuable tools for you to use during moments of crisis. 

    Helplines and hotlines are confidential, free, and available 24/7. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and countless addiction treatment organizations, provide national hotlines that are available 365 days out of the year.

    How Hotlines Can Help

    Addiction helplines can be someone’s only hope during a life-threatening situation. 

    For instance, many who struggle with an alcohol use disorder (AUD) or mental illness may not realize they have an issue until it’s too late. This is why it’s crucial for organizations to offer toll-free hotline numbers that are instantly available. 

    Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

    Since people with drug abuse or mental health problems can also develop suicidal thoughts, it’s important to know that the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is easily available to you and only a phone call away. 

    Hotlines can be the first step in the recovery process for many. Simply picking up the phone, admitting you need help, and requesting information can be a powerful start in receiving the assistance and help you need with your mental illness or drug use. 

    Relapse Prevention

    Alcohol addiction hotlines can also help prevent relapse. Those who have gone to alcohol rehab may still have the urge to drink, experience cravings, or have a major life event that triggers stress, anxiety, or trauma. 

    To avoid a relapse, this would be an excellent time to call a helpline phone number and speak with a specialist. If you’ve worked hard on your sobriety and addiction treatment, helplines can help you prevent falling back into patterns that lead to further alcohol abuse. 

    Confidential Support

    There is still much stigma surrounding mental illness and alcohol addiction. With helplines, your conversations are 100% confidential. 

    You can have the ease of knowing that the person you’re speaking with on the phone won’t run and tell your family members that you’re having problems or reveal all of your secrets to your friends. 

    Hotlines are here to help support you and point you in the direction of treatment providers so you can start treatment. 

    Starting The Treatment Process

    Alcohol addiction hotlines can be the first step in acknowledging you have an issue, helping guide you toward recovery. Once you’ve spoken with a representative regarding your need for addiction treatment, they can refer you to a specific treatment center.

    Once at a rehab center, you’ll likely undergo detox for alcohol withdrawal symptoms and then carry on with the recovery process. There are many treatment programs available to you, including treatment facilities operated by Ark Behavioral Health.

    What To Expect When You Call Our Helpline

    At Ark Behavioral Health, we provide a helpline for alcohol and drug addiction. Our helpline is 100% free and confidential. Once you contact our substance abuse hotline, you’ll be connected with one of our treatment specialists. 

    During the call, the specialist will help evaluate your substance abuse issue and any health problems you may have, make referrals if necessary, and go over your treatment options. 

    Our treatment options include inpatient and outpatient programs that offer support groups, behavioral therapies, recreational activities, and other recovery services. Learn more by calling our helpline today.

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