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  • Boofing Alcohol | Effects & Dangers Of Alcohol Enemas

    Modified on January 24, 2024
    Boofing Alcohol | Effects & Dangers Of Alcohol Enemas

    An alcohol enema, also known as boofing, butt-chugging, or plugging, is a method of ingesting alcohol through the rectum. This usually involves a funnel, although it can also be accomplished by inserting tampons soaked with alcoholic spirits. 

    Once inside the body, the alcohol is rapidly absorbed through the lining of the colon, entering blood vessels and diffusing across the body and brain.

    Why Would Someone Butt-Chug Alcohol?

    There are a few reasons why an individual might choose to butt-chug alcohol:

    • faster and potentially more euphoric inebriation
    • greater effect per dose
    • novelty
    • interplay with certain sexual fetishes or scenes
    • as a high-risk form of initiation or hazing, associated with high school or college students and fraternities in particular

    Some individuals, particularly those who are underage, may also believe that boofing alcohol will help defeat breathalyzer tests. However, this is not true, as breathalyzer tests measure blood alcohol level (BAC) rather than breath or stomach alcohol content. 

    Health Risks Of Alcohol Enemas

    Doctors and public health experts strongly discourage alcohol enemas, which are by definition a form of alcohol abuse

     Alcohol Poisoning

    The reason rectal administration of alcoholic drinks causes a greater effect for a set amount of alcohol relative to drinking is the same reason why boofed alcohol is so dangerous—it bypasses the digestive system. 

    When an individual drinks alcohol, it passes from their mouth into the stomach, where the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is waiting to begin breaking it down. 

    But when it comes to boofing, this is not the case. The full dose is absorbed into the body without being first processed by the stomach, intestines, or liver. 

    This can overwhelm the body, allowing a relatively small amount of alcohol to trigger alcohol poisoning symptoms in a short period of time, potentially resulting in death or serious physical harm. 

    Overdosing on alcohol after boofing is also more likely than overdosing after drinking because it is easy to pour in an excessive dose if one is not being cautious.

    Rectal Damage

    The human anus and rectum did not develop to absorb liquids headed the wrong way up the digestive tract. Alcoholic beverages are not made to be safe or pleasurable when introduced to the body in new and creative ways. 

    As a result, butt-chugging can cause serious short- and long-term effects related to the function of these organs, including:

    • anal pain
    • tissue irritation (especially if the liquor is not diluted)
    • tears or ulcers in the rectal tissue and membranes
    • bloody stool
    • tenesmus, a condition of constantly feeling that you need to void your bowels
    • bowel dysfunction and leakage
    • excessive flatulence/farting
    • increased probability of STI transmission in the case of unprotected anal sex

    Abuse, Dependence, & Addiction

    Increasing the speed of absorption and intensity of effect also makes it more likely that alcohol abuse may develop into an alcohol use disorder (AUD), also known as alcohol dependence or alcoholism. 

    AUDs are associated with a wide range of long-term lifestyle and health effects, including financial insecurity, domestic abuse, heart disease, liver disease, and more.

    If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol abuse, please contact us today to learn about our treatment options.

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